I decided to stop documenting my Sims story for two reasons. The first being that you didn’t really seem that interested in following along. The second being that I technically failed the Challenge. In the 4th generation, the parents were pretty old when they started having children. When the parent’s died, all three children were too young to care for themselves and they were taken away. I think that is the first time I’ve ever seen The Sims say “Game Over”.

I have kept playing however. When the Heir died, one of his brothers was still alive so I switched over to him and am currently on the 6th generation since starting the Sims 4 Challenge. But enough about the game…

I have also reached that point in the year where I want to quit everything in real life as well. I want to quit my job, quit my relationship, quit living on the other side of the country from my family. Is that normal? I’m so stressed out and I just don’t know what to do. I keep forming pros and cons lists in my head but I can’t make any sort of decision. I had given myself a deadline of my birthday (which is coming up in a couple weeks) to figure things out but I don’t think I will make any changes.

The biggest reason I hesitate to make any sort of decision is money. If I didn’t need money to live, to retire, to move, etc. I think the decision would be easy. If I made the wrong decision, I could easily change my mind again if money didn’t matter.

But then I say to myself, okay so what decision would you choose if money really DIDN’T matter? That should be the option you pick. That is the option that will truly make you happy. I wish it was just that simple…

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New Heir: Charlie Zest.
Aspiration: Creativity (Musical Genius).
Traits: Goofball, Mean, Active, Gregarious, Muser, Happy Toddler

Starting Funds: $21,294

Once Charlie became a Young Adult it was time for him to move out and start a life of his own. He bought the Asphalt Abodes lot for $2000 and was left with $1300 after building his home. He decided it was time for a makeover to look more grownup and joined the Politician career.

Shortly after moving in he invited his two sisters and mom over and made them a nice meal. Little did he know, that would be the last time he saw his mom Ashlee. She died in her late 90s.

Charlie often went out to the gym and tried each one to see if he liked one better than the other. He made many friends and often invited them to come visit. Due to his mean trait he often yelled at the ladies he was trying to impress but they always accepted his apology afterwards.

Charlie liked to visit with his sisters both at their house and also would take them out on the town. He even brought them along to a friend’s birthday party, although when trying to bake a cake for his friend, Bronwyn stole a piece before he could give it to him.

Charlie had no problem flirting with girls he met but had a hard time making any of them fall in love. After a slow moving relationship with a girl he met at the gym, he was sucessful in winning the heart of a co-worker named Adeline Willett.

Charlie was successful in making Adeline his girlfriend but it was no easy task keeping her interested. Adeline invited him out on a date to the same bar where his parents got engaged. While this is where Charlie and Adeline became best friends, it was not a very enjoyable date and she told him to never talk to her again.

But Charlie was not discouraged. He invited his girlfriend over to meet his sisters and made Bronwyn feel awkward with the amount of PDA they were showing.

Charlie took Adeline out on a date to the Stargazer Lounge where he mustered up the courage to propose. She said yes.

They planned out their wedding at Myshuno Meadows and invited all their friends and family for a wonderful party.

Adeline didn’t bring any funds with her in the marriage.
Family Funds sit at $500.