I had another ultrasound last week to check on the baby’s growth. He is still measuring small while all the other numbers are still good.

Today I had my follow up appointment with my doctor and he said baby is now in the 10th percentile for size, down from the 15th.

I will be having another ultrasound next week on the 16th followed by an appointment at the hospital. I believe I will be having a Non-Stress Test done and depending on the results of the ultrasound and other tests they may induce me that day.

That means I could have a baby next week! That’s so crazy. I hope that I don’t need to be induced because I heard that it makes labor contractions more painful and there is a higher risk of having a C-section. But if that’s what is best for baby, then I guess that’s the route I will be taking.

Today they also did a cervix check which showed that my cervix is still closed and in a posterior position. They also did a swab for Group B Strep.

34 Weeks
34 Weeks
34 Weeks

Yesterday I became 34 weeks pregnant. I had another ultrasound done. The ultrasound lady was pretty rough, pushing really hard on my body. The ultrasound pictures are getting harder to make out as I get further along in my pregnancy, which she said is normal. She took some measurements of the baby, checked the amount of amniotic fluid, and checked that the umbilical cord was still functioning well.

Today I had a doctor appointment to go over the results of the ultrasound. He said things look good. There is plenty of fluid and nothing wrong with the umbilical cord. But the baby is measuring small. He said that he has gone from the 34th percentile down to the 15th percentile. He wasn’t overly concerned since I’m small myself, but they want me to have another ultrasound in two weeks. If he still isn’t growing the way they want him to, we will be discussing having him come out sooner than later.

He also wants me to keep an eye on how much he is moving. During his most active times of the day, he should be moving at least 6 times in 2 hours. I was already aware of this and have been keeping an eye on it. He is still moving throughout the day so I’m not really worried right now. But if he’s not reaching those targets, the doctor said to make sure I go into the hospital to have them monitor the baby.