Tomorrow I am starting a Valentine’s Day Meme that I found online.

Day 1- An image that most closely symbolizes love for you; why?
Day 2- An image or description of your favorite Valentine’s Day cards when you were younger.
Day 3- The first person you wanted to ask to be your Valentine. Did you ask?
Day 4- The first celebrity you wanted to ask to be your Valentine.
Day 5- Who was your first kiss? What do you remember about it?
Day 6- The first Valentine’s Day gift you remember receiving. Was it a good one?
Day 7- The Valentine’s Day gift that would earn the gifter a kiss?
Day 8- The Valentine’s Day gift that would earn the gifter more than a kiss?
Day 9- Chocolate vs Flowers; which do you prefer and why?
Day 10- Talk about a Valentine’s Day during which you were single.
Day 11- Talk about a Valentine’s Day disappointment.
Day 12- Love vs Lust; what’s the difference to you? Which do you prefer on Valentine’s Day? The rest of the year?
Day 13- Describe your ideal Valentine.
Day 14- Describe your ideal Valentine’s Day date.
Day 15- Your favorite flowers and why?
Day 16- Your top five favorite candies and why?
Day 17- Lingerie: yes or no? Why?
Day 18- Most romantic song? Why?
Day 19- Most romantic place on earth? Why?
Day 20- Most romantic movie you’ve seen? What made it romantic instead of just cheesy?
Day 21- Most romantic book scene ever written? What made it romantic instead of smutty or cheesy?
Day 22- Worst thing someone can do on a date and why?
Day 23- Best thing someone can do on a date and why?
Day 24- Which is the best: getting asked out in person, via telephone, via text/messenger, or via twitter/Tumblr/facebook? Why?
Day 25- Which is the worst: getting asked out in person, via telephone, via text/messenger, or via twitter/Tumblr/facebook? Would you still say yes?
Day 26- Five words that describe your Valentine’s Day this year?
Day 27- Five words that describe your Valentine this year?
Day 28- Would you rather remember this Valentine’s Day forever, or forget it as soon as you’re able? Why?

All Time Low Concert

I went to see All Time Low in concert last night. They did a great job! I really didn’t like the opening act “Fireworks” though. Four out of six of the band members were out of shape and I really didn’t come out in the cold to see a bunch of overweight guys jumping around on stage. I’m sorry. And I also didn’t like the way the lead singer handled himself when one of the audience members was pulled out of the crowd. I didn’t see what happened, but to call that much attention to something and to say they were embarrassed that it would happen? I felt like it was very rude, personally. Also, I hate it when bands tell the crowd to start a circle or a mosh pit. For the majority of the audience, it is really not pleasant. The only people having fun are the people participating in the mosh, and honestly, if they are busy pushing each other around, they are no longer paying attention to the band so why would you want to encourage that? I don’t get it.

I don’t think the crowd was really feeling Fireworks for the most part. A lot of the crowd didn’t know them and not many people were jumping around, which you could tell irritated the lead singer a lot. I thought, maybe this crowd is just more laid back and you’re not going to get a whole lot out of them. But then a funny thing happened. In between bands they would play recorded music through the speakers and a “Blink 182” song came on and the whole crowd started singing along to it. They were more into the songs in between acts than they were in the first live band. I felt a little sorry for the first band, but not really since they had rubbed me the wrong way.

Fireworks All Time Low

Then came All Time Low. I only started listening to them recently but I knew all the songs that they played and even sang along to a few of them (I tend not to sing in public). Now, every now and then I will go to a concert and feel like the singer is looking at me. I felt this way with Alex tonight. I really should have worn my glasses so I could tell if he ACTUALLY was looking at me haha. It makes me wonder what the band members do really look at and how far can they actually see when they have all those lights shining in their faces. Regardless to whether he was looking at me or not, it still makes me feel special when I feel like the singer focuses their attention on me. So even if he couldn’t ACTUALLY see me I will hold on to that feeling I get thinking they can.

I really enjoy their song If These Sheets Were The States which they played tonight. That is one of my favorite songs by them and I’m glad I got to hear it live. If you don’t know the song, I posted it below for you to hear. The only thing that would have made the concert perfect for me would have been if they played my other favorite song by them called Break Your Little Heart. I liked how they decided to omit the encore non-sense. I don’t know when bands started doing that, but it’s really annoying. So good choice on just continuing to play instead of taking the unnecessary break. All in all, it was a great show. Yellowcard was supposed to be playing at this concert as well, but the singer got a sore throat and had to cancel which was unfortunate. But even without Yellowcard, All Time Low made the show completely worth going to.