I’m Pregnant

I know that I said to watch for my project reveal next week but I cannot wait. We made the news public today.

Some of this post is probably going to be TMI, so for that I apologize. If you are interested in reading about my symptoms and experiences through my first ever pregnancy then keep reading. The following blog post was written on June 1, 2018.

Four Weeks

Four Weeks

My period was due on Tuesday May 22. My cycle is usually right on so as soon as I was a couple days late I started getting pretty suspicious.

That week I started waking up a lot earlier than usual. Instead of waking up at 7 or 8 in the morning, I started waking up between 4-6 am. My other symptoms were pretty normal for leading up to my period. I have one breast that gets sore pretty much exactly 9 days before I start bleeding, but since my period never came, the soreness has not yet gone away. I have also felt bloated and my pants have been tight, but I also haven’t been very active over the last year so that also seems normal.

I took a pregnancy test on Sunday May 27, when I was about 5 days late. Almost immediately it came up pregnant. All week I haven’t really been feeling any symptoms though which has put me in denial. I had a little bit of constipation followed by diarrhea for the first few days. There were a few days where I had a slightly sore back, but I was also picking up boxes and doing a lot of bending down at work so I attributed it to that. I can’t tell if I’ve been hungrier or not. I’m normally hungry anyway, so I just feel like it’s a placebo effect. I know I am pregnant, so I should be hungrier, therefore I am.

Even though I know that I am pregnant, I wanted to take another test to make sure it also said I’m pregnant. This time I chose a digital test that also tells you how many weeks along you are. I took that this morning and it confirmed that I am still pregnant and that I am 3+ weeks, which is what I thought it should say. So today’s task is to book an appointment with my doctor to officially make this real.

Three Plus Weeks Pregnant

Three Plus Weeks Pregnant


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