Sims 4 Challenge

I have been playing a lot of the Sims 4 lately. One might even say, too much. Last night I was reading through some of the Challenges that are posted online and decided to make my own. It is largely based off other challenges, mixing them together and adding some of my own elements. You can read through the Challenge description here.

I started playing through the challenge myself and plan on adding blog posts to go along with my story. Playing through the challenge allows me to modify the challenge to make it more interesting. Let me know if you have any suggestions or criticisms of the challenge so I can make it better.


  1. I love simulators, especially The Sims. However I haven’t owned a Sims game since the PS2 generation. Good thing too because I would also probably play “too much” of it.

    Challenges sound pretty interesting! I think it’s a good concept for The Sims to keep the game fresh . Even though the possibilities are endless for a game like The Sims, it’s also easy for it to get stale. If I had The Sims 4 I would totally try to participate but I could get lost in it for hours if I did have it!

  2. That challenge sounds like it would be fun, but also very strict at the same time (especially if you formed an attachment to a specific character haha). You have made me miss playing the game.

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