2017 In Review: Part Four

September 2017 I drove my boyfriend’s truck for the second time. We went to visit my boyfriend’s parents at their new cottage in British Columbia, staying very close to an active wild fire. We had to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. I started carrying Lego at my store and brought some home […]

2017 In Review: Part Three

May 2017 I read the book What If by Rebecca Donovan. I painted a bird house. I had my first BBQ of the year. I went on two bike rides. One 15km and one 17km. I took a trip to Jasper National Park to celebrate my birthday. I drove myself to a new location and […]

2017 In Review: Part One

If I was to sum up 2017 in one word, that would be “lazy”. Honestly I feel like I sat on my butt watching YouTube videos and playing video games the entire year. I also stopped going out to all the local events, which used to be something I loved to do. I found it […]