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I’m torn on what to do with my websites. I basically have two blogs; one for personsl use, and one to talk about events around my city. Neither of these sites get updated regularly. Websites cost a lot of money as well. I used to make money from my websites but you dont get ads posted when you dont have many people visiting or interacting. And you dont get visitors when you dont update and return comments.

As my paypal fund starts to dry up, my websites will stop being self sufficient and are making me think whether I want to continue paying for websites I don’t use. But I like my domains and would hate to give any of them up.

I think these are struggles that many bloggers tend to go through, at least every now and then. With social media, it’s so easy these days to just post small updates and have instant responses instead of taking the time to write a blog post and return comments. I wish there was a way to motivate myself to put more effort back into my online investments.

I used to be so creative, spending hours creating layouts and working on coding them to make them work right. I would love to get back into that. Maybe I will try to do some creating over the next month or so while I have some time off. My ultimate goal will be to start blogging every day starting in January. I did it for a month already once this year, so I know I can do it again.


  1. I know the feeling about motivation and creation. I made a little thing with html and tables yesterday and for the life of me I couldn’t remember so much css or html, it had just been too long.

    I’m a bit daunted with trying to create my own layouts because of how little I know these days. It used to be a lot easier.

    I’m not sure where your hosting is but maybe you can score some free hosting so one of your costs is removed?

    1. @Sarah, I agree. I don’t remember a whole lot about how to code, so making a custom layout would take a lot more time than it would have in the past.

  2. I haven’t been visiting for very long, but I would like to see your blog continue. And if making a WordPress theme seems a little daunting, you could always try making a child theme. I taught myself how to make themes – So once I figured out where the PHP bits go, everything else was a breeze.

    I’ve always paid for my domans and hosting, even though I don’t make any money from my websites. I’d be excited to score some free mascara or something, but those free sample websites don’t seem to operate outside of the US and Canada. 🙁 Anyway, I don’t have enough subscribers at the moment to make it worthwhile.

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