Slept In

It’s been a busy few weeks with closing a store and lots of sales starting thanks to the holidays. I’ve been working long hours trying to get the store organized and I guess it’s taking a toll on me.

Last night my brain was not working. I kept forgetting things when I was closing up shop. Thankfully I wasn’t closing alone and my coworker was catching most of my mistakes.

I am a really light sleeper so I usually cannot sleep in the same room as my snoring boyfriend. But we keep trying to see if I can get over it. Last night I don’t remember hearing him snore at all. I ran a snore app which showed that he did snore but I slept through it all. I must have also slept through my 6am alarm as well because I didn’t wake until 7:30am. I find that so hard to believe because my alarm runs for like 5 minutes and is loud.


    1. @Jenni, The one I have is called Snore Lab. I really like it, but I only have the free version so you can’t use it every day. Also, I’ve been sleeping in the same bed as my boyfriend every night since this post without any issues. I don’t know what has changed.

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