Driving in the Rain

The other day when I was driving home from work, it started raining very lightly. Not really enough to NEED my windshield wipers, but enough that I wanted to make sure I knew how if it did get harder. I’ve never driven in the rain in my new car yet so I haven’t had to try the wipers yet.

So I attempted to turn them on, but instead I made the wiper fluid spray the window. I tried again and this time sprayed the back window. On my third attempt I sprayed the front window again. I finally got the wiper to wipe the window, but since the rain was so light, I just wiped it once and turned it back off. A few minutes later I wanted to wipe the window again, and I got the wiper fluid AGAIN! It’s going to take me some time to make sure I get it right each time. Thankfully it doesn’t often rain here.


  1. Whilst this is funny from the outside, I can’t imagine it would be as funny if I were experiencing for myself. I think the frustration might add to the error somewhat… I would have went into full-on panic mode, most likely. 😡

  2. I was going to say the same thing as Liz! As funny as it seems, I am sure I would be frustrated and flustered if I was in your position. Perhaps you could take a look at the manual? It should be in your car compartment! All cars comes with manuals 🙂

  3. UGH, new car quirks are the worst. We get so used to how our old cars work since we spend so much time in them, that getting used to something new is actually really hard! Practice with all the wipers, etc before the winter weather! Luckily, we have time for that, hehe.

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