Still Sick

I used my first sick day from work in probably more than 5 years. I have been trying to take medicine that has worked in the past but I can’t swallow the pill. I’ve always had trouble taking pills. The Buckley pills that I usually take are big gel capsules and I just can’t get them to go down.

In the morning I bought some other pills that are easy to swallow but they did nothing for my cold. I decided instead of being miserable at work that I should stay home to rest and hopefully get better.

One thing I don’t do is nap. But this afternoon I slept from 12 until 330! I’m always worried that napping will make it difficult to sleep that night but I’m feeling pretty tired, so I don’t think it’s going to be a problem.


  1. Sometimes it is best to take a day off, to relax and just get better. I feel if I continue to push myself it just gets worse, so enjoy the lounging around and relaxing. I am sure you will feel better in no time. I usually use the Advil Cold & Sinus or Advil Fever & Flu. Both makes me sweat buckets and knock me out so I get better faster.

  2. Oh no! I hope you get better soon ASAP!

    Whenever I get sick, I usually take Ibuprofen and it always works wonders for me. I can’t swallow large pills either so it was such a plus when Ibuprofen comes in these small round tablets 🙂

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