There Goes All My Money

So I guess I bought a car yesterday. We went into Go Honda which was one of the dealerships my boyfriend had been talking with and accepted their offer. I signed a bunch of papers and paid half of my down payment.

They didn’t have the car at the lot so I don’t actually have it yet but I will post a photo on Instagram once I do. I still need to get insurance and get it registered and all that fun stuff. But I can’t wait to start driving again.

My goal is to be comfortable driving alone by June 5 because I have another ultrasound booked. The last time I went, they weren’t able to see anything so now I have to go back. This time I’m making sure they look in the right place.

One of the conditions on my license is that I must wear glasses because I can’t see far away. The glasses that I currently have are about 11 years old and I don’t really like them.

Superstore is having a buy one get one free sale on glasses, so today I went in to buy some new ones. I bought a pair of sunglasses and a pair of regular glasses for under $300 (not counting the eye exam). But again, I have nothing to show for it because they are going to take 7 to 10 business days to arrive.


    1. @Michelle, Thank you! Getting insurance was easy, just hope I picked a good one. I can’t wait until the car is paid off so I can have a little bit of money again haha.

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