Summer Weather

So basically the day after my last post, the weather turned beautiful. I’ve been able to wear shorts all day everyday since Tuesday. And I don’t see an end of the nice weather.

That’s one thing that I love about Alberta’s weather compared to Nova Scotia. There are really only two seasons here; hot or cold. There isn’t usually a whole lot of waiting around in between.

We also started car shopping! We went out on Tuesday and did a test drive on a Honda Fit. We went to two dealerships so far trying to find the best price. My boyfriend has emailed a few more places and it sounds like we may go check some more this weekend.

I basically just want to hand over my money and be done with it. But I worry about making the wrong choice. During the test drive, I found my seat uncomfortable, but I was in the passenger seat. The drivers seat did feel better, but I didn’t sit there long since I personally didn’t drive the car.

Is it weird that I would spend all this money on a car without actually driving it myself first? It’s been about 5 years since I really drove a vehicle so I’m not comfortable driving at the moment. I’m going to relearn again once I get my car. I really hope everythung goes smoothly and I buy something I’m going to love for a long time.


  1. When it comes to car shopping, you got to be sure you’re getting the one for you and also make sure the dealership is giving you a fair price as well as not upping your total before you sign the contract.

    I would definitely suggest for you to test drive the car yourself to make sure the car you’re purchasing is the fit for you. I remember shopping for my car and I went to a total of 15 dealerships before making my decision :X

    1. @Connie, I was pretty confident in my car choice even without test-driving it myself. My ex-boyfriend had the same car and I trust his judgement. Plus it wins tons of safety awards. I’ve had the car for just under a week and so far it’s been good.

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