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I’ve been trying to find a cool computer game to play. I am having trouble finding an adventure/role playing game where you don’t have to fight people or animals. Can’t I just explore without having to worry about being attacked? I find it hard to believe that there aren’t any games out there that appeal more to girls that are just as graphically beautiful as the fighting games.

The Sims is my favourite game but it starts to get boring after a while. I also enjoy tycoon games as well, but also get bored with them. What kinds of games do you like to play? Can you think of any really fun games where I don’t have to kill anything??


  1. try Banished, it’s an indie game from last year where are bunch of people have been banned from their village and they have to start new somewhere. You need to basically keep them alive. There is no war, it looks beautiful but it’s quite difficult to keep the population high enough that they don’t die out.

    Also cities: skylines is causing a massive stir in the simulation space.. They’re saying it’s what the last sim city game should have been. I haven’t played it but I’m fairly certain I’ll buy it.

    Lastly, I love an old game Caesar III, there is sometimes war but you can choose to go the peaceful route.

    I believe all games are available on steam and banished and Caesar III are definitely at

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