Shopping Preference

I just finished doing some shopping at West Edmonton Mall. I saw a lot of men sitting around waiting for their significant others. When I go shopping I leave my boyfriend at home. I actually prefer to shop by myself.

I find when I shop with other people I don’t buy anything. I feel like I hold up the other person because I spend a lot of time looking around and rarely buy anything. Then in other stores I just fly right through.

What kind of shopper are you? I tend not to buy anything unless I really love it. It can’t have a store logo on the front or the name of any place I haven’t actually been. I am an extremely picky shopper.


  1. I kinda feel like you. I feel like I am holding people up and prefer to go on my own. Although going with Cory doesn’t bother me much, but we are both bad for putting things in the cart and not telling the other person and we get to the cash and have a bunch of stuff doubled or that we really don’t need.

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