Crazy Customers

A few nights ago I had a dream that I was closing the store I work in as I have done a lot over the last few months.

But something was wrong with the door and it didn’t close properly. I was almost done my closing duties when a person walks in. I told them we are closed and that they had to leave but as I started guiding them to the door, another person came in.

I couldn’t figure out what was happening. How were they getting in when I clearly locked the door. I finally realized that the door beside the one we actually use which is always locked, wasn’t closed.

By this time there were about 20 people in the store who I kept telling that the store was closed and they had to leave, but I was being ignored. Once I got the door situation fixed I started screaming at everyone to leave. I even tried dragging them to the door but it was of no use.

What a nightmare!


  1. Wow that sounds like a horrible dream! I sometimes have nightmares about work. More so now then before. Sometimes even not so bad dreams, but nothing worse then coming home from work and then dreaming about being at work!

  2. Why I don’t work in retail anymore. I can’t stand customers and they send my anxiety through the roof, seriously. That is a nightmare!

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