No Motivation

I’ve had no motivation to do anything lately. Like for months and months. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s winter and I don’t want to be outside when it’s cold. Or are there other reasons? I was hoping my vacation would give me some life back but it doesn’t seem to be the case. It has made me work harder at work over the week since I’ve been back. But when I’m home all I want to do is sit and watch YouTube or catch up on TV shows that I’m into. Everything else seems to take too much effort.

I’ve been slacking on all my websites which I really would like to get back into. I haven’t been cooking many meals because I’m not interested in any of the meals I know how to make. I can’t seem to find recipes that really appeal to me. My boyfriend and I haven’t really been spending much time together despite living in the same house either. I feel like he is even lazier than I am this winter.

I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer. I’m hoping that will give me more motivation to do something; anything! 90% off the videos I watch on YouTube are couples with children and I think to myself, maybe I should have a baby so I would have something to keep me busy haha. What a terrible reason to have a child. What do you do when you are home to keep yourself busy? How do you keep your spirits up during the colder months when everything is covered in snow and slush?


  1. While I wouldn’t suggest having a baby to be occupied (yikes, too much money involved!) what about a pet, maybe a dog so you could go out and walk it if you needed to get out of the house.

    Maybe also talk to your boyfriend about doing more thing together when you’re home together. My boyfriend and I don’t spend huge amounts of time together at night times but we do have dinner together and usually have a TV show that we watch at that time, watching one to two episodes a night.

    I don’t do much more than you do while online, other than play games to fill in the time. Where cooking is concerned, maybe you could use some of your online time looking up tasty recipes and give them a try on the weekends, then if they work out see if you can fit them into week days.

    Hope any of this helps, I know it’s hard some times to motivate yourself into anything, there have been days that all I want to do is go to bed when I get home. Sometimes watching a funny or thoughtful video on youtube is enough to get me at least interested in doing something else.

    1. @Sarah, I think some of the problem with cooking is I don’t have a constant work schedule. So some weeks I only have one day off at a time. And I work most weekends. I’m going to try and give myself a consistent work schedule next month. I do spend a lot of time looking online for recipes but nothing really appeals to me. Food in general doesn’t really appeal to me unless it has icing on it haha.

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