Bad Dreams

In the past I have had a history of having dreams where I am attacked by men with guns or knives. I remember having them quite often since High School or maybe even earlier. Last night I had another one which made me realize that I haven’t had a dream like that in a long time. Maybe a year or two! In my dream last night I was trying to find a place to live with my ex-boyfriend (who was actually still my boyfriend). We were walking around to see how the neighborhoods were. We were trying to find a safe place to raise a family so we wanted something near a school. There were a couple of buildings right beside the school but their decks had no privacy and the one school teacher I saw, was acting crazy. We saw a bridge and decided to go across to see if the other side of the bridge was any better. As soon as we got to the other side of the bridge there were a few boys who picked a fight with my “boyfriend”. He eventually got away and disappeared towards the bridge but one of the boys started coming after him. He seemed to be calmer than he was previously. I kept telling him to take deep breaths and calm down. Once he seemed to be completely calm he pulled out a gun. For some reason, the ammo. wasn’t attached and I was able to get both the gun and the ammo. away from him but then he pulled out an exacto knife. Before I woke up I ended up getting a cut on my wrist from the guy but no one ever came back to help me get away.

What does it mean? Why has a dream like this come back to me after such a long absence of violent dreams?


  1. I heard that all dreams where you are being chased, or trying to escape from something, have to do with stress. I don’t know if it’s true but it does make sense. I used to dream very often that I was trying to run from something but the legs wouldn’t move, or they moved so slowly, like running in chewing gum. Another dream I often had was that I was out in town and discovered I either didn’t have pants on or didn’t have shoes and socks. Weird indeed…

    I got some inspiration back and wrote a post in my other blog.. I knew I would get some inspiration back when I started the new job. So if you’re bored with concertina talk and Irish tunes, go check my other blog. There is a link on the concertina blog.

  2. I agree with Susanne and want to add that dreams like these often have to do with a loss of control, too. For example, when we were waiting for the house, and I was waiting for my degree, and to find out about a job ALL AT ONCE, I was having dreams that were so vivid and terrifying I would wake up crying. Do you have a lot going on with work? The apartment? Family? Sometimes when we feel out of control and cannot express it in “every day life” we express it through dreams. Hope they start to fade away!

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