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I got my hair cut today and realized that I have been asking them to do the same thing for over a decade now. I always say “I want it cut just below my shoulders and I want it layered”. I realized today that over the 28 or so times I have said this (I only cut my hair twice a year), I have gotten my hair done 28 different ways (with similar results). There was one time where I actually really liked the result while all the rest were just average. I often ask the hairdresser what they think would look good but all except for one never seem to have an opinion. And that one hairdresser’s opinion was to add some highlights in, which I agree would probably look good, but I don’t want to change the color of my hair until it starts to change on it’s own.

Anyway, this had me wondering, what do other people ask for when they get their hair did? Do you bring in a picture and ask them to recreate that? Do you have more technical terms than just “layer it”? I really don’t know much about fashion in general and I never know what to do with my hair. Teach me, you fashionistas! Tell me your secrets. What is a hair cut experience like for you?


  1. I always ask for just a trim with layers and a bang trim. Lately, a new stylist I’ve been going to suggested I ditch the layers (since my hair is really thin and she thought it made it look stringy in teh back) and just go with like an angle in the front…which is even more boring haha. I’m not really sure what to do with my hair anymore. I actually tried dying it a reddish color last night for a change but it didn’t show up at all since my hair is so dark. Oh well! Think I might go for a little shorter next time.

  2. I am do almost exactly the same thing as you. I go in about twice a year and get about four inches off with layers. I’ve thought about doing different hairstyles, but I’m always so nervous that they won’t turn out right and then I’m stuck with it. Though last time my hairdresser did give me bangs and since my hair is curly, they’re a pretty big nuisance.

    1. @Becca, Bangs are the worst! I was given side bangs once and they weren’t so bad. They looked good most of the time. But straight across bangs would be horrible.

  3. I usually ask for what I call the Veronica Mars, season 1 😛 Around shoulder length, layered around the bottom and framed in the front.
    I sometimes try different things but my issue is that I’m too lazy to style my hair and I don’t like putting a lot of product or heat damaging my hair.

    I usually let it grow out until I can’t stand it anymore and then get about 30cm cut off at a time 🙂

    1. @Kalliste, Yeah I’m the same. I never do anything to my hair. Just wash and let it air dry. Sometimes if I have nothing better to do I will curl it, but that doesn’t happen too often lol.

  4. I’ve wanted the chopped layers for a while now and/or the side swept bangs. Unfortunately, all of the stylists I have been to DON’T know how to do this properly, so they end up NOT giving me what I ask for. For example, the proper way to do side swept bangs and chopped layers is to use a razor, not scissors. Instead, I always ask for the same thing. 😡 I haven’t gotten my hair done in over a year, but I’m planning to get it done soon. When I do, I’m going to be asking for what I want (because I’m going to go to someone who knows how to give me what I want). 😀

    1. @Liz, I hope you get the hair cut that you want next time you go in! I’ve had people do my hair with the razor and others with scissors. To be honest, I can’t tell the difference. My hair always just looks the same lol.

  5. I’m like you, cut right around my shoulders, and layered. It does come out differently depending on the hairdresser, but the last time I went, it came out really perfectly, the way I had wanted, and all I said was cut around my shoulders, and layered. So I was really happy with the results.

    I’ve always thought about bringing in a picture, but I’ve never done it before.

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