Jammie Day

Today I have not yet gotten out of my pajamas and it’s already lunch time. Do people stop having jammie days? I hope not. Sometimes it’s just what you need. In fact, I wish I had a couple more days off. I could use a second jammie day and then maybe a day to actually get some stuff done. I really haven’t felt like I have had time to myself in a long long time. It’s partly my fault. Whenever I had a day off I tend to spend it with my boyfriend instead of taking the day for myself. It’s also partly my work schedule. Most of the time I will only have one day off when in reality you really need to have two days in order to get everything done. I also think the fact that my schedule jumps around a lot causes me to lack a routine. I would be more productive if I just worked the same hours every day. But such is the life I have chosen for now.

Anyway, my day hasn’t been uneventful. I woke up at 5am (!) because my door slammed shut thanks to the wind. I wasn’t really sure what the loud sound was so I got out of bed to see if anything fell or got broken. When I looked outside I saw the sun starting to come up and grabbed my camera. It was kind of funny because just yesterday I commented on Angelica‘s blog about how the sun comes up too early for me to take any pictures of it right now. I went back to bed but never actually went back to sleep. I wanted to get up and get started on my day. Yesterday I decided to move my websites to a new host. I noticed last night that the Nerd Listings was done but I didn’t have time to fix it so I really wanted to get up and fix that asap. It took a lot longer than I had planned, but that’s alright. It’s all up and working great now. And I even set up a Twitter account so people can get updated about new sites when they are added.

I also plan on moving this website to the new listing, but I am having issues with my current host. I have contacted her a few times now but she never responds. I sent her an email yesterday where all she has to do is confirm that my domain can be transferred to new host but still I hear nothing. I understand that she has a lot going on in her life right now, but how hard is it to just click on a link and be done with it? Has anyone ever had to deal with something like this before? Any suggestions on what I can do to get my domain transferred to my new hosting? For those of you thinking about getting a domain, I would suggest registering it yourself and then just finding someone to host it for you. That would have made things a LOT easier for me. My domain expires in August. Any idea what happens when it expires? Will I be able to buy it before anyone else tries to? I hope so. Otherwise I’m going to have to start thinking of a new name for my blog.


  1. Sucks about your domain 🙁 there isn’t much you can do if it’s in someone else’s name. You could try contacting the registrar and let them know the situation and if they’ll push the domain into your own account so you can administer it.
    You would have to wait for it to expire and then there is about 30 days after before you could register it yourself. Hope you’re able to get hold of your host first 🙂

  2. I guess it depends on if she registered it on your behalf and your name is somewhere on the account with the registrar. If not then I think you are stuck. If your names there somewhere they may do what Kalliste said and move it to your own account for you.

    I have had that issue with hosts before many times. That’s why I decided to start registering domains through the registrar directly and just go with like the top 5 (godaddy, etc) and purchase them on sale. And I got my own reseller account through a company I have been told was really good by a lot of other domain owners. So now I am basically my own host. Which is great.

    Jammie days, I love em. I took one yesterday too kinda. I VLE’d (volunteer leave early) from work and came home, climbed in my pj’s cleaned and bit then just vegged on the couch for the rest of the day. I probably shouldn’t have done that since I just came off a 4 month medical leave but going back has tired me out.

  3. What I did was to change the nameservers to direct to the new host, no problems at all and your current host should have info on how to do that. I’ve been lucky with my web hosting so far, the only problem was that the old host had so many problems with servers and stuff, the sites were down like every other day, that’s why I moved.

  4. hmm…so she is the only one who can log on to view the domain info/account I’m guessing? I just looked the domain up on whois (http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/results.jsp?domain=stubbornox.net) and under lock status is says “clientTransferProhibited”, which I think means that it can’t be transferred unless she sets it to unlock. =/ I guess the only thing you could do is wait for it to expire (unless its on auto renew?) and then try to re-register it again. Hopefully she’ll get back to you soon, though! You’ll also need to get the transfer code from her I think unless you already have it.

  5. I love spending my whole day in my PJs, especially on my day off. It just feels amazing haha.
    That sucks about your domain. I have a few domains that are now expired, and I can’t buy them back. They’re now ‘parked’. I hope you figure out how to get your domain back!

  6. Since I don’t have a job at the moment I don’t even bother getting dressed on a day when I’m not going out anyway. I don’t see the point if I’m still just staying inside and no one will see me in my pajamas.

    Lovely that you got to see the sunrise! I only see the sunsets myself since the sun rises on the other side of the building I live in.

    I’ve never transferred my site or had a domain expire so I don’t know anything about that. But from your last entry it appears as you got things running?

  7. Oh man, jammie days are AWESOME! BUT I never get a chance to do that anymore either… 🙁 Like you, I don’t have much time to myself either, and when I do, I have errands to run, chores to do, etc, etc to catch up on that lost time. =/

    As for your domain issues, I hope you’ve had it all resolved by now. I’ve never experienced what you’re experiencing now, since I’ve always registered the domain name myself, and then finding a host.

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