All Moved In

Hey everyone! This is my first blog post since moving to my very own apartment. I’ve been here for almost two weeks now and I love it! Finally got some furniture last weekend so it really feels complete now. I feel settled for the first time in a long time. I love how my place stays clean and everything stays where I leave it. It’s very relaxing. I keep making lists of things I want to buy to make the apartment even better but I have already spent a LOT on “stuff” so I really need to resist for a while.

The move in went pretty well considering it was just me and my boyfriend moving stuff. I summoned my inner strength so I could be as much help as possible, not that I’m really that weak. But we did have to carry a box spring up the stairs because it wouldn’t fit in the elevator which was difficult. I kept dropping it because it was too heavy. 🙁 I had a lot of furniture to build thanks to Ikea so my fingers were pretty sore for the first little while from screwing things together. But it was definitely worth it.

And I can now walk to and from work which is awesome. I just wish it would stop raining. It has been raining off and on for a week and I see no end in sight. Thankfully it’s only rained one day where I was heading to work so I was able to walk to work everyday so far besides that one (I don’t walk in the rain or the cold. I take the bus on those days). I really look forward to being to sit out on my deck in the sunshine. I’ve only done that once so far.

Anyway, now that I’m settling in I am going to try and start blogging again. I feel really bad for neglecting my blog but it’s so hard for me to post when my life is not settled. I will leave you now with a few pictures of my new place.

Living Room Deck Bed Dragonfly Lights


  1. Glad to hear you’re all settled in at your new place now. 🙂 The apartment looks nice and I LOVE those big windows! Is the house newly built? In Sweden only newly built and/or really expensive places have windows like that.

    1. No actually this place is one of the older buildings. This one probably has the biggest windows of all the places I’ve lived in yet!

  2. It looks nice and tidy! I’d hate those carpets but I know many people can’t live without them :). Your balcony looks lovely, so spacious and fancy-looking!

    1. I would much rather carpets over hardwood. My last place had hardwood and there was always dust and hair everywhere. I like carpets because you can’t see that stuff haha. What you can’t see isn’t really there right? 😛

  3. What a gorgeous apartment! You have an amazing view and it looks like there’s a lot of space and light.

    My place is a total mess haha…looking at your pictures is reminding me that I need to clean so it looks nicer! lol

    1. Yeah I love my view. There is a ton of space and light which is what I love about this place. Most of the apartments in this area are tiny and cost a fortune. This place is perfect in size and price. I like to keep everything in it’s place. But don’t look in my closets right now. I’m still working on them haha.

  4. Your place looks amazing! I wish my place could look like that, but I have no eye for design. It’s also hard to keep the place clean when both my boyfriend & I work all the time.

  5. The new place looks really nice!!! 🙂 LOL about Ikea furniture, I know exactly what you mean.

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