Valentine’s Day Meme: Day 8

Day 8- The Valentine’s Day gift that would earn the gifter more than a kiss?

An engagement ring? Although I don’t think I would want to be proposed to around a holiday. It would feel so cheap. I know I wouldn’t be the only one getting engaged that day. I would prefer it was on a random day when I least expect it.


  1. yeah, that’d be pretty cheep I guess, but what could be given to deserve more than a kiss? maybe some sexy lingerie I guess

  2. A dinner out! Keith and I have been together for so long so we don’t do gifts anymore. We do love a good (but bad for you) dinner out, so that’s something I look forward to.

    I’m with you on the holiday proposals. I hate even more when people ask me at every holiday if I’ve received said proposal yet. GRR!

    1. Yeah, the “when are you two getting married?” question was always the worst. Especially when you know it’s never going to happen…but that’s not the case for you two.

  3. You know, I think getting engaged on a random day is so cute. Well, maybe on a day that means something to just the 2 of you, like the day of your first date, or something like that.

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