Valentine’s Day Meme: Day 4

Day 4- The first celebrity you wanted to ask to be your Valentine.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Devon Sawa Erik Von Detten

That probably would have been Johnathan Taylor Thomas (JTT). I totally had a crush on him. Him and Devon Sawa. Aww, look at Devon’s gap teeth. Oh and don’t forget Erik Von Detten. I loved (love?) boys with long hair. There was definitely a theme with my crushes during my teenage years. These boys were all over the walls of my room haha.


  1. I don’t know who these are, but he looks like someone I would have liked to ask out at age 11 lol ^^

    btw, what plugin you use to post you instragram photos on the sidebar?

    1. JTT was on a show called Home Improvement with Tim Allen. My family used to watch it together all the time. Devon Sawa was in Huckleberry Finn and Final Destination. I think I first saw Erik in Odd Man Out.

      The plugin I’m using is called “Simply Instagram”.

  2. Hahaha, I don’t even remember but I know I had several crushes on male celebrities!!!! Those guys you mention were never very popular over here, but at least I know they existed 🙂

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