On My Own

At the end of April I will be moving again. For a long time I’ve dreamed of living on my own and I think I am finally ready to make the dream come true. I spent 21 years living with my parents, 3 years living with roommates, and 3 years living with a boyfriend. Now it’s time to make my own rules.

I’m really looking forward to having a place that is clean. It will be nice to know that I’m not cleaning the place for no reason and that it’s going to look the same when I come home at the end of the day as it did when I left. I want a bath tub that I can actually have a bath in instead of being disgusted to even step into. I want a kitchen sink that is empty to make washing dishes easier. Or even better, a dish washer that will save me a lot of time and stress. I look forward to being able to decorate the place however I want and not worry about what anyone else will think. I want to listen to music whenever I feel like without worrying I will wake someone up. I want to be able to exercise without worrying that someone will see me.

Oh, and the storage! I can’t wait to have all the kitchen cupboards to myself. I am really looking forward to having a spot for everything instead of cramming them into two or three cupboards. I really like to have everything organized and for everything to have a home.

And the fridge! I’ve never had a fridge all to myself before. I am going to be so excited to see everything that I have with one glance instead of having to pull out two other items to get to the one I want. It’s going to look so empty, but I will be able to make more pre-made meals because I will actually have room for it in my freezer. I plan on buying a new slow cooker (I lost the last one in the break up) so I can make meals to last through the week. I’m really excited about that.

I know that living on my own will also have downsides. I will no longer have someone to split rent with. I will have to pay my own power and internet bills. I won’t have someone there to help me when I can’t do something (like opening tough cans!). But I am confident that I can take care of myself. I was always the handyman in the relationship with roommates anyway. I’m excited to be excited about something again. It’s hard to make me excited. I think it’s because every time I get excited I am usually let down. But I have been excited about life again over the last six months and I really hope it continues throughout 2013.


  1. Our lives have been mirroring each other a bit recently! When, after 9yrs with my ex, I finally lived by myself I actually found it a bit hard initially. You get home and see or read something and you have no one to laugh or talk to about it. The world is much quieter living alone.

    On the plus side though, you can get home and do whatever you want, whenever you want and not feel like you’re disturbing someone. I’m currently living with my Mum for around 6 months and it is making me a little crazy. I feel like I’m pushed into my room and no where else.

    It’s great that you’re excited about life again! I hope it continues!

    1. Yeah, I live with a roommate right now and I spend 99% of my time in my room. I can’t imagine living with my parents again. They would drive me insane from day one. I’m not worried about the silence of living on my own. I like silence. And when I get bored I can just go outside for a walk. Plus I work a LOT so I don’t tend to get bored lol.

  2. Congrats on your future move! That is so exciting to be able to have your own place! Despite the fact that it will be a bit more work (as far as costs etc), I think it will definitely pay off to be able to control your own living space and have a lot more freedom.

    I couldn’t imagine not having a dish washer…its a life saver! I’m also looking up slow cookers to purchase. I bought one right when we moved and it ended up not working…and of course I didn’t save the receipt or box or anything to return it. ugh!

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