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2017 In Review: Part Two

January 2017 I started exercising with the Wii Fit U after a year long break. I visited The Rec Room that had recently opened up in Edmonton with my boyfriend and his two friends. I built a version of my Grandparent’s house in the Sims 4. I read the book The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. I almost slid my car into a snow bank for the first time. This taught me to slow down on turns when driving in snow. February 2017 I started a new 10-minute workout that I found on my Facebook wall. I went...


Happy #Canada150

Yesterday was Canada Day and I dragged the boyfriend downtown to explore. We started out at Winston Churchill Square to check out The Works Art and Design Festival. Honestly, I didn’t really see much worth looking at. But maybe I just need someone to give me a tour. Next we walked over to the City Market Downtown. I don’t know why I like going to the Farmers’ Market because I never buy anything due to everything costing so much. But it’s still fun to look around. I heard that there were things going on in City Hall so we went...