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A Sims 4 Story: Generation Two

To start from the beginning with Generation One click here. New Heir: Charlie Zest. Aspiration: Creativity (Musical Genius). Traits: Goofball, Mean, Active, Gregarious, Muser, Happy Toddler Starting Funds: $21,294 Once Charlie became a Young Adult it was time for him to move out and start a life of his own. He bought the Asphalt Abodes lot for $2000 and was left with $1300 after building his home. He decided it was time for a makeover to look more grownup and joined the Politician career. Shortly after moving in he invited his two sisters and mom over and made them a...


A Sims 4 Story: Picking a Heir

This is part three of Ashlee Zest’s journey throughout my Sims 4 Challenge. You can start from the beginning or click on the tags at the bottom of the post to pick up where you left off. Once Bronwyn and Charlie were in school, we hired a nanny instead of sending Danielle to daycare. The kids really loved their nanny and stayed friends with her throughout their adult years as well (although I don’t know how she is still alive!). While all three children were pretty good kids, there were lots of calls from the principal because they never did...