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Edmonton International Street Performers Festival

Yesterday I took the train down to Churchill Square to watch some street performers. It was a little hotter than I would have liked which cut my visit shorter than it would have been otherwise. One thing I did not like, which I’m not sure is new this year or not, was they only had one performer going at a time. It would have been nice if they had two or three stages with someone performing at all times. That way you could find a seat and stay there all day while watching a rotation of performers. That is something that can be done at the Fringe festival (coming up later this year).

Other than the heat and having to get up and move to a new area of the square every half hour, I enjoyed my time watching the acts. Here are some photos and a video of my time downtown:

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Christmas on the Square

Every year at Churchill Square they light up a giant Christmas tree. For me, it is like a kick off to the holiday season. This year we chose to set up and decorate our home on the same day then headed down town for the celebration. We thought we weren’t going to make it in time because we left the house late and I thought they lit the tree up at 6pm. After finding a place to park we made it to the square around 6:15 and were delighted to find out that the tree was still unlit. We got to listen to one band playing music on the stage before the mayor appeared and helped us summon Santa. This year we were pretty far back in the crowd so I couldn’t actually see Santa or anyone that was on stage. But it was okay because I really was there for the tree and the fireworks. The tree looked the same as it did last year but it was still fun with the countdown. But what I really liked this year, is that they tried to set the fireworks off to the music. I don’t remember them doing that last year! Check out some photos and a video of the fireworks below:

nov1514 (2).JPGnov1514 (3).JPGnov1514 (25).JPGnov1514 (36).JPGnov1514 (38).JPG