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Festival of Lights

We went to the Festival of Lights at the Edmonton Valley Zoo two weekends ago for the first time. I enjoyed walking around looking at the lights. I kind of wish there were more lights. But at the same time it was pretty cold out, so we were happy to be done looking at them all at the end so we could go get warmed up again. My favourite display was the ice sculptures and the light display timed to music. Check out my photos and a video below:

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CP Holiday Train

There are two things I love; Trains and Christmas lights. This event had both so I was pretty excited. I missed seeing the train pull into the station but it was still moving when we were driving up. We only stayed for about an hour, but it was a beautiful night. We walked around the whole train taking pictures and watched some of the concert that was put on. I would have stayed longer but my legs were too tired from standing all day at work.

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