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My Birth Story

On January 16th I went to another ultrasound to check on baby. He was still measuring small but the amount of fluid around him had also decreased. After that appointment we stopped for lunch then went over to the hospital for a NST (Non-Stress Test). This is where they place some monitors on your stomach to see baby’s heart beat and I think my contractions? I also had a button that I was supposed to push everytime I felt the baby move. I was checked to see if I was dilated. I was only at 1 cm. To have a...


Baby is Measuring Small

I had another ultrasound last week to check on the baby’s growth. He is still measuring small while all the other numbers are still good. Today I had my follow up appointment with my doctor and he said baby is now in the 10th percentile for size, down from the 15th. I will be having another ultrasound next week on the 16th followed by an appointment at the hospital. I believe I will be having a Non-Stress Test done and depending on the results of the ultrasound and other tests they may induce me that day. That means I could...