A Sims 4 Story: Starting a Family

Read the first chapter of my Sims story starting Ashlee (Melton) Zest here.

Shortly after marriage, Ashlee and Johnny started trying for a baby. After a failed attempt, they found out they were pregnant with their first child named Bronwyn Zest.

Ashlee continued courting Johnny to try and fill her Aspiration (which due to a Sim bug was unable to fulfill) and also climbed up the ranks in her career to make sure her heir would have enough to live when they moved out in the future.

After Bronwyn was born, Ashlee and Johnny had another failed attempt at conceiving before their son Charlie Zest was born. Life was pretty busy with a toddler and a baby for Ashlee. She tried to keep the house running despite everything breaking (toilets, sinks, fridge, etc.) and plan birthday parties which she wasn’t always successful in doing. While she missed her own birthday, she always made sure her children had celebrations.

After Bronwyn was in school and Charlie became a toddler, Ashlee found out she was pregnant on the first try with her second daughter Danielle.

New Car Problem

Last week my car started doing something it has never done before. Three days in a row when I was leaving work, the inside windows have had frost on them.

I’ve been trying to figure out what was happening. It seemed strange that it was happening now when it’s warmer than the past few months, and I went through a whole winter without a problem last year.

The first thing I thought was maybe I got a new rock chip that was letting water in. I looked all over the front window and couldn’t find anything.

Then I thought maybe one of my windows was not up all the way, even though I haven’t touched them in months. But they seemed to be fine.

I asked my boyfriend if he had any ideas why it might be happening. He said it’s usually because there’s moisture inside the car and asked if I had any liquids inside. The only thing that I have is extra wiper fluid. I checked the bottle to see if it was leaking and to my cold hands it felt like it might have. But it could have just been cold.

So I stood the bottle up to see if it would make a difference, but of course the weather got warmer. The windows didn’t freeze up the following two days, but I don’t know if it’s because I moved the liquid or because of the weather. So I guess I will have to wait until this week to see if it made any difference.

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