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You Should be in School

I hear that phrase quite often while working in a retail store. Since I look younger than I actually am people think I should still be in school.

And that makes me feel bad. It makes me feel like they view me as if I’m wasting my life working in a store like that. And then I question whether that’s the truth or not.

I then tell them that I did infact go to school. I did 13 years in the public system, then another six years getting my teaching degree. After which time I realized that I didn’t like teaching.

Telling people this then makes me feel like a failure as a human being. Sure I would like to be doing more with my life. I just dont know what it is I want to do. My ideal vocation would be to stay home and raise a few kids. And maybe that will happen and I will finally feel fulfilled. But until then, I wish people would realize that what they’re saying causes me grief.

Reorganizing a Store

I can’t wait until we are all moved into the new store location. When I get over there I get to reorganize evetything, which I love to do. I like making things more efficient. I want there to be a good flow for things.

The first two areas that I’m going to work on are the cash area, and the back room. I was over there one day this summer to cover a break for my manager, and the cash area was so disorganized I couldn’t find anything that I was looking for. I would not be able to work in that cash area before I got everything in their proper places.

It kind of throws me off a little bit because the counter is set up opposite to the cash area in my current store. The cash register is at the far end of the counter which is kind of annoying. I wish we were using the register that is closest to the opening of the counter. I wonder if that’s something I can change?

Once I have the cash area all situated, the next area I would need to work on is the staff area. I need a place where I can relax during my break. I’ve been trying to visualize the space and how I want to set it up. Currently they eat lunch on a shelf just like the shelves that our product sits on. It is not very relaxing. I’m hoping I can create a space where you can almost forget you’re still at work. Maybe create a spot where the managers can sit and do some work too.

Also in the back room I want to rearrange the receiving area. I want to set up a table that will make receiving stock more efficient. Currently there is no table in the back. I believe they do a lot of receiving in the front of the store which doesn’t allow for completion in a timely manner.

Finally after I get those areas completed I will be able to relax a little bit at work and start organizing the actual merchandise. I think the hardest thing about that is going to be making sure the team is keeping the sections tidy throughout their shifts.