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Today was a Rough One

Despite this week being a four day workweek, it felt super long, with today being the worst. I was cranky most of the morning and felt like the smallest thing was going to make me start crying. Thankfully my coworker could sense my mood and was able to make the afternoon go smoother. The main thing that had set me off was a meeting my manager set up at the end of the day yesterday for someone to come look at our money machines today, while he had the day off. He didn’t leave me any notes about what the...


Where Did The Summer Go?

Welcome to September. I really don’t know where the summer went. It’s been a busy month at work getting all the teachers ready to go back to school but we’re starting to see things slow down now. This weekend is my boyfriend’s birthday and I can’t believe I havn’t bought him anything yet! That’s what I will be doing today. Thankfully I have some gift ideas. Besides birthday gifts, there are a few other things I plan on looking for while I’m out. But while I want to go out and buy all the things, at the same time, I...