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Two Become One

Since I decided to no longer update my website Drag Him Out and will ultimately be closing the site this summer, I have merged my blog posts from that site into this site. That is where I had been posting about the different events I’ve attended over the last couple years. If you wish to read about what I have been up to, I think you should be able to find most, if not all of the posts, but clicking on the Alberta tag.

Today I spent most of my time fixing broken pictures and links in my blog posts and making sure all the pages are working correctly. I also included a link in the Visitor section of this site to attractions in my area, which used to also be a part of my previous website.

As far as I can tell, the website should be working fine now. I have some ideas for a couple new pages to add to the Author section of the website, but am not sure how many people will be interested in actually reading those pages. But as I mentioned before, I am mostly creating this page and the content for myself and if others like it, then that’s a bonus.

Moving Hosts

If you noticed my website kept going down, it’s because I was moving hosts. I am trying out a free hosting website in hopes of cancelling my paid hosting package. I can no longer afford to pay for hosting since I no longer am making any money from ads. I have also been shopping around for less expensive domain providers and will be switching them to a new company when they expire.

Hopefully I have everything switched over and working, but if you do find any problems, please let me know!