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Security and Awards

I swear I wasn’t avoiding you guys on purpose. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you may have seen a post about locking myself out of WordPress. That was exactly one month ago today. I had such tight security that after one wrong password you couldn’t try again for for multiple days. After the week or so that I had to wait, I tried again and got my second lock out. I keep doing this pretty much every week. Well, today I finally got back into my account! So here I am haha. Liebster Award Since that...


New Direction

So I changed my mind again about Drag Him Out. I spent most of the day yesterday getting it back up and running, trying out different layouts and plugins. I decided I will list the upcoming and past events on that website, but blog about my experiences here on Stubborn Ox. That is at least until I see how much the domain renewal is going to cost me. I also spent part of the day getting the Nerd Listings moved to the new host and updated. I think I am now fully moved into my new host home. All that...