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4th Prenatal Appointment

Today (October 12) I am 24 weeks pregnant. I had my first appointment with my new doctor today. He was a very nice doctor. He works as part of a team with the hospital I plan to give birth in. What that means is he may or may not be the doctor that actually delivers my baby. The appointment was pretty quick and straight forward. They took my blood pressure and weight. They didn’t take a urine sample which was the first time since I started my prenatal appointments. The doctor measured my uterus, listened to the baby’s heart beat (which I believe was about 156 bpm) and gave us information about upcoming appointments.

He said my baby was very excited and was able to find the heart beat as soon as he put it on my stomach. As for upcoming appointments, I was given forms to book my gestational diabetes screening test, urine test, and an ultrasound. I will have those appointments in four weeks and then the following week I will have a follow up appointment with my doctor. Actually, it will be with another new doctor because the one I saw today is not in on the day I wanted to book my appointment.

Up to this point, my appointments have been about once every 4 weeks. After my follow up appointment in 5 weeks I should start having appointments every two weeks. I can’t believe I’m almost at that point already! Another change will be that my boyfriend will no longer be able to come to all my appointments now that he is working again and the appointments are becoming more frequent. But he’s okay with that as I feel like they aren’t as exciting as they were in the beginning.

24 Weeks
24 Weeks

Third Pre-Natal Appointment

Today is September 14th and I just got home from my third prenatal appointment. My doctor told me that the ultrasound results showed that the baby is doing well. But it also indicated that I have a low-lying placenta. She said it could very likely move higher as I get bigger since I am still early in my pregnancy. If it stays low there is a risk of bleeding. Having a low-lying placenta also increases your chances of having a c-section. She has advised us not to have intercourse until my next appointment, which is on October 12. My boyfriend is thrilled about that haha.

Speaking of my next appointment, it will be with a new doctor in a new health clinic. He is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist and will be taking over my care for the rest of the pregnancy. I believe he is also the doctor who will be delivering the baby. He is part of a health team so it’s possible that someone else could actually deliver my baby but from the reviews I’ve read, everyone there is really nice. The new health clinic is across the road to the hospital I will be having my baby in so it will be nice to know our way around that area.

Before today I wasn’t sure if I was going to have any other ultrasounds during my pregnancy, but according to my doctor it sounds like I will have at least one more, so that is exciting. It’s fun to see what your baby looks like while you are waiting for them to get here. Today I am 20 weeks 2 days, and the baby’s heart rate was about 150. It’s gotten lower at each appointment I’ve been to but I believe that is normal.