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Recovery Sucks

Before having a baby I thought that the labor would be the hard part. But honestly, my labor was great. I had barely any pain, thanks to the epidural. I would definitely go through labor again if it was as easy as mine was. What I was NOT prepared for was the recovery. At the risk of TMI, it felt like I had poop sticking out of my butt all the time. And walking hurt a lot. I had to walk so slow everywhere because of the pain. Even just standing during those first few days was painful. When using...


Hospital Stay

I spent two nights in the hospital. We had nurses coming into the room at least once an hour to check baby and mom. They were checking my blood pressure, both of our temperatures, among other things I don’t even remember. I was given my baby either by my boyfriend or the nurses to feed anytime he was hungry. I had to keep drinking fluids to stay hydrated and so I could fill my bladder and pee. I struggled with getting Elliott to latch to my breast and had multiple nurses throughout my stay tell me and show me how...