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Elk Island National Park

For the Labour Day long weekend we went camping at Sandy Beach Campground in Elk Island National Park for the first time. The park is about an hour outside of Edmonton. It was pretty windy during our visit but still decent temperatures. As the sun goes down, if you go down to the beach you will see lots of people with their cameras taking photos of the beautiful sunsets. On our way out of the park at the end of the weekend, we also got to see a small herd of Bison just before the Bison Loop and then a...


Holiday Season in Retail

This has been a busy holiday season in retail this year. It has been mostly pleasant. Not too many cranky customers this year compared to past years. But you know what sucks about working retail? You don’t get time off for the holidays. I wish I had a job where I had at least a week off for Christmas. The only days I have off in a row are Christmas and Boxing Day. It sucks a lot. I keep finding myself looking forward to Christmas because of vacation, but then I remember that I don’t have a vacation this year....