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Craft Fairs

On Sunday I went to both the Royal Bison Craft Show and the Butterdome Craft Show. The Royal Bison show was really small but it was filled with local vendors selling home-made products. It had a very hipster feel too it which is not really my scene. The only product there which I considered buying were some socks, but I already have too many of them.

Then it was on to the Butterdome. That craft show was huge. It was also packed with people which made it a little difficult to walk around, but it wasn’t too bad. They had quite a variety of products which were also local (or at least Canadian). But I found the prices were too high for what I would have wanted to spend.

All in all, we had fun walking around, but came home empty-handed.

A Christmas Past

I went to the Rutherford House on Sunday to check out “A Christmas Past”. I had never been to the Rutherford House before and thought it would be a fun day to explore. They had the stairwell decorated with garland and the dining room was set for Christmas dinner. There we Christmas carols being played live in one of the main rooms near the entrance and drinks being served to the guests.

We took a walk through the house looking at all the old furniture but were done in about 20 minutes. If you have been to house museums before, you can probably skip this one.

dec714 (3).JPG