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Edmonton Valley Zoo

Sunday was Free Admission Day in Edmonton. We decided to spend the morning at the Zoo. It was a chilly day, as most of the past Free Admission Days I’ve attended have been, so I was smart enough to wear some warm clothes. The new entrance way looked very nice. Every year I visit the zoo it seems like there is something new to see. Check out my photos and a video of the wolves howling below:
sep2814 (4).JPG

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Elk Island National Park

For the Labour Day long weekend we went camping at Sandy Beach Campground in Elk Island National Park for the first time. The park is about an hour outside of Edmonton. It was pretty windy during our visit but still decent temperatures. As the sun goes down, if you go down to the beach you will see lots of people with their cameras taking photos of the beautiful sunsets. On our way out of the park at the end of the weekend, we also got to see a small herd of Bison just before the Bison Loop and then a couple more along the highway near the fence.

There happened to be an event going on one of the days we stayed there called “Beaver Hills Dark Sky Preserve Annual Star Party” which was pretty neat. We watched a play about a singing bison named Bibi Bison and in the evening we got to look through some pretty large telescopes at the stars and moon. We even got to see the Northern Lights for the first time (although they were pretty weak) which was very exciting for me!

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