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Nova Scotia Vacation: Part One

As mentioned in my last blog post, I recently had a vacation back home in Nova Scotia. I took my boyfriend with me to show him around the place where I spent the majority of my life. It was a jam packed adventure as most of vacations are. I wanted to show him as much as I could in what little time we had there.

July 2015 (10)

We arrived before 7am on Thursday (felt like 4am for us because of the time difference). We went to my parent’s house and slept until noon. After lunch my dad took us out to visit Peggy’s Cove where we also met up with my brother and his wife.

Peggy's Cove

July 2015 (17)

On Friday we headed to the valley. We stopped to look at the Bay of Fundy and drove around my old university, Acadia. From there we went to the Oaklawn Farm Zoo with my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and their 4 boys.

July 2015 (43)

July 2015 (19)

Saturday morning we went to visit my grandparents. In the afternoon we went to my brother’s house to celebrate my oldest nephew’s 7th birthday. In the evening my mom took us out to Point Pleasant Park for a walk.

July 2015 (57)

Sunday morning we drove to Truro to Victoria Park for another walk on our way to Cape Breton. My brother’s family came to meet us at the park as well. After lunch we started our long drive to Cheticamp where we ran into the cast of the Simpsons.
July 2015 (58)

Monday morning was extremely windy. I think they were saying 120km winds were in the forecast. We set out to take a drive along the Cabot Trail which was interesting with all the wind. The water had a lot of vapor floating across it because of the wind. In some sections you could also see a rainbow being formed on the water.

July 2015 (65)

July 2015 (6668)

Tuesday we finished driving along the Cabot Trail and headed for my favorite beach, Clam Harbour. It wasn’t really warm enough to go swimming, but the fog floating onto the beach looked really neat.

We made a short visit with my aunt and uncle, and then continued our drive home. Once there, my sister-in-law took us out to the store where I used to work to pick up a gift I had shipped out for my nephews birthday. We made it to the mall with only 10 minutes to closing. I hope the girl wasn’t too mad that we showed up so late.

Cuba is Growing Up

Hey guys! I got back from my second trip to Cuba last week. I had a great time soaking up the sun. I think it had been 8 or 9 years since my first trip to Cuba and I feel like things have changed since that time. It could be just that it was my first time being in a different culture last time and therefore I was more used to everything this time around. But I feel like there were more cars on the road (and newer cars) and less horse and carts. It could also be just a difference in the part of the island I was on too. I visited Varadero and Havana this trip and Holguin last time. Also, a lot of the Cubans had smartphones which I was a little surprised about.

Regardless of the changes, it was still a great trip. The first half of the week was a little disappointing because it was pretty windy and that made it too cold for me to tan on the beach. But the wind went away for the second half and it was so nice. We went on two excursions during our trip. The first was a bus ride into Havana with a tour guide pointing out many areas and giving us a lot of history on the country. Our second excursion was a Jeep Tour which included stopping to snorkel over some coral, swimming in a cave, and riding a horse all for the first time. Another cool thing about staying in Varadero was there is a bus outside of the resort that will take you into the town of Varadero where there are tons of vendors selling stuff. I’ve never really went off a resort on my own before so that was pretty fun.

Here is a video of some of the things I saw and did during my trip: