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Hospital Stay

I spent two nights in the hospital. We had nurses coming into the room at least once an hour to check baby and mom. They were checking my blood pressure, both of our temperatures, among other things I don’t even remember. I was given my baby either by my boyfriend or the nurses to feed anytime he was hungry. I had to keep drinking fluids to stay hydrated and so I could fill my bladder and pee. I struggled with getting Elliott to latch to my breast and had multiple nurses throughout my stay tell me and show me how...


My Birth Story

On January 16th I went to another ultrasound to check on baby. He was still measuring small but the amount of fluid around him had also decreased. After that appointment we stopped for lunch then went over to the hospital for a NST (Non-Stress Test). This is where they place some monitors on your stomach to see baby’s heart beat and I think my contractions? I also had a button that I was supposed to push everytime I felt the baby move. I was checked to see if I was dilated. I was only at 1 cm. To have a...