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First Week Home

On our way home from the hospital we stopped off at Walmart so I could get my pain pill prescription filled. It was going to take about 15 mins, so Dad and Elliott decided to come in. While we waited we also bought a bunch of sleepers for Elliott since we didn’t really have any with feet attached. Beforehand we weren’t sure how big he was going to be so we didn’t want to buy a bunch of newborn clothes that he wasn’t going to fit into. I’m pretty sure we bought every outfit they had haha. During that first...


Recovery Sucks

Before having a baby I thought that the labor would be the hard part. But honestly, my labor was great. I had barely any pain, thanks to the epidural. I would definitely go through labor again if it was as easy as mine was. What I was NOT prepared for was the recovery. At the risk of TMI, it felt like I had poop sticking out of my butt all the time. And walking hurt a lot. I had to walk so slow everywhere because of the pain. Even just standing during those first few days was painful. When using...