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Excel Spreadsheet

Last week I talked about a money program that I use. I also use Microsoft Excel to track my money. Can you tell I love money and tracking statistics? haha. So maybe I over-do my analyzing but it brings me joy. So on the first page of my spreadsheet I have my work schedule listed down the page. First column is the date, next is my starting time, my ending time, how many hours I am working that day, and finally I use an equation to calculate my wage for that day. I have the schedule in blocks for every...


Microsoft Money 2003

I think the thing a lot of people have trouble with when it comes to money is tracking their spending and making a budget. When I bought my first computer in 2003 it came pre-loaded with a program called Microsoft Money 2003. I LOVE this program. When I had to buy my second (and current) computer in 2007 or 2008 I was lost without my money program. I tried some free ones I found online but I hated them and wanted my old friend back. So I actually went online and bought the 2003 version from Amazon. There are a...