Cost of Owning a Car

I bought my first car in 2015. That will make it 3 years old this May. I wanted to see how much owning a car has cost me over the last few years. I have broken down the cost into their categories so I can really see where my money is going. We do have […]

Bottle Depot

Today we took our refundables to the bottle depot and got $21 dollars back. Do you take you bottles back for money? I’ve only started doing it while living in Alberta because I have access to a car (and driver). But my parents also do it in Halifax. Who doesn’t like free money? I think […]

Excel Spreadsheet

Last week I talked about a money program that I use. I also use Microsoft Excel to track my money. Can you tell I love money and tracking statistics? haha. So maybe I over-do my analyzing but it brings me joy. So on the first page of my spreadsheet I have my work schedule listed […]

Microsoft Money 2003

I think the thing a lot of people have trouble with when it comes to money is tracking their spending and making a budget. When I bought my first computer in 2003 it came pre-loaded with a program called Microsoft Money 2003. I LOVE this program. When I had to buy my second (and current) […]