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Valentine’s Day Meme: Day 24

Day 24- Which is the best: getting asked out in person, via telephone, via text/messenger, or via twitter/Tumblr/facebook? Why?

The best way is in person. Why? Because it takes the most guts. I would feel that you are truly interested in me if you just man up and ask me out to my face. It’s so easy to ask someone out through a text or email. But facing the potential rejection in person takes a brave person. And if the person agrees to going on a date, you get to see the excitement on their face.

Valentine’s Day Meme: Day 23

Day 23- Best thing someone can do on a date and why?

The best thing someone can do is just be themselves. I want to know the real you. What is the point of trying to be someone different than yourself to impress someone? Once they start to get to know you and you are no longer the person they were attracted to in the beginning, things will not work out. At that point you’re just wasting each other’s time. Why not just be yourself in the beginning and if it’s not going to work on, move on and find the person who is going to love you for all that you are?