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Valentine’s Day Meme: Day 2

Day 2- An image or description of your favorite Valentine’s Day cards when you were younger.

I didn’t have a favorite card, but the whole process of getting Valentines was so much fun. We would decorate a box for our classmates to put the cards into and then you would bring a Valentine for everyone in your class. I mean, who doesn’t love getting mail?!

I’m pretty sure I received the following Valentine series in elementary school:

Scrooge Donald Duck Simpson's Valentines Aladdin Valentines

Valentine’s Day Meme: Day 1

Day 1- An image that most closely symbolizes love for you; why?

Owls in Love

I had a really hard time trying to find a picture that really captured what love means to me. I think of warmth and comfort. I picture a couple embraced and completely happy. Just calm knowing that the other person will be there forever to protect and care for them.

I chose a picture of owls instead of people because I really don’t like posting pictures of people that I don’t know. Plus I thought this picture captures the feeling of love quite well.