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I feel bad for not posting in a while. I kept thinking about it but haven’t had time or anything to talk about. I’m the type of person who likes routine. And lately, my life has been so unstable. My work life got even more crazy over the last month or two. I’ve been given some new responsibilities which is great, but now I feel like I’m running the store on my own. I only see my manager about once a week or less now because we have to run two stores. One thing that I’m very excited about is that I get to make the schedule for both stores. I’ve always wanted to make the schedule since my first job of working at the movie theatre. My first schedule has been posted and I haven’t had any complaints from my team which is a good sign. I’m a very organized person so I think this is the perfect task for me. I went out and bought a new binder to I can keep myself organized. I would hate to schedule someone for a shift they told me they could not work.

Besides the turmoil at work, my home life is also about to be disrupted. My boyfriend found out that he has to be out of his apartment by the end of May. We have been talking about living together for a while now so we thought this would be a good time. However, I love where I live. It’s the perfect place for me to be able to get to work. The rooms are big. I like my view. My deck is awesome. But it’s only a one bedroom so it would be way too small for the two of us to live comfortably. I set out the task for my boyfriend to find a place for the two of us that is still within walking distance of my work place. To be honest, this is a very difficult task because there aren’t too many places for rent around here. But he managed to set up a viewing for two town houses on Thursday. It would be exciting to get a town house. I’ve never lived in one before and I think it would make me feel even more like a grown up haha.

However, moving right now throws another issue into the mix. My parents are coming to visit for a week at the end of May. Their flights are booked and we have some hotels booked for a trip through the mountains. I’m really hoping we can get a place with a move-in date of May 1st or sooner. I want to be all unpacked and settled into a new place before they come to visit. I want my place to look perfect for them. They have never stayed in a place that was mine for a night before and I want it to look like a real home. If we can’t move until June, that will mean my boyfriend will be unable to come on the mountain trip with us which would be pretty disappointing for everyone. The rental place said they have a place available for the middle of April but there are a ton of people who have viewings set up. I will have to cross my fingers that it’s suitable for the two of us and that no one snags it before us.

Edmonton Winter Survival Tips


This is my third winter living in Edmonton (!) and over the years I have learned some ways to keep myself warm. I don’t have a vehicle so most of the time if I want to go anywhere I either walk or take the bus. With temperatures like we are getting this week I had to learn how to keep myself from freezing. Here is what I have learned:

Layers are Important

Layer One Layer Two

When the temperature is -20C or colder I make sure that I wear tights under my clothes. It makes a huge difference! Not the kind of tights you would wear with a dress, but the kind that look like yoga pants. I also wear a long tank top under my clothes all winter. These items cling right to your body and are good at keeping your body heat in. In the past I used to layer my socks too but I have since found that it doesn’t really help. It actually makes my feet colder so I would suggest against that. After my first layer I wear my regular pants and a sweater with long sleeves. Finally, I will wear a jacket on top of that. Something with a hood is preferable. I don’t usually put the hood on, but I have it kind of wrapped around my head to keep the wind off my neck.


My first winter here, my feet were not prepared for the cold. For Christmas that year I bought myself a good pair of boots. They were expensive, but they are made for -30C or -50C weather. My feet are never cold and the boots we definitely worth the money I spent on them.

Another thing you need is a coat that is made for winter. I would choose a skiing coat. They are warm and have snaps at the bottom so you can keep the cold from rushing up inside of it. Again, these coats tend to cost a lot, but if you look around in the summer you can sometimes find really good deals. I got two really nice coats for $100 total last summer. So far I’ve only worn one of them so I don’t see myself needing a new coat for many years.


The next thing you’re going to want is a wide scarf. One that is going to cover most of your face. I normally just have it folded down around my chin, but when that winter wind blows, it’s nice to have a scarf that you can roll up to your eyes like a ninja.


A winter hat is a very important thing to own too. I learned that the first winter I lived here too. My old winter hat just didn’t cut it for the winters here. You need to get a hat that covers your ears, usually called a trapper hat. It must have ties hanging down so you can tie it under your neck. It makes a huge difference at keeping your ears warm. Since moving into my new apartment last summer I haven’t been able to find the hat I bought that first winter and was very upset about it. I had a hard time finding a hat that really fit what I was looking for. I finally found a $40 one which was more than I really wanted to spend. But it has been a wonderful hat and again has paid for itself in warmth.

Finally, you have to keep your hands warm. Since I take the bus most days of the week, I also layer my hands. I will wear a pair of gloves under my mittens. That way, when I take my hand out of my mitten to get my bus pass out of my pocket, my hand doesn’t freeze off. It really keeps my hands warm too. If there are two things that make the rest of my body cold, it’s cold hands and cold feet. This winter, the only things that have been cold have been my face (mostly my eyes) and sometimes my legs when it’s really windy.