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Dreams Back on Track

Ok, so do you remember me saying that I kept wishing the manager of the cheap building would call me back saying another apartment opened up? Well he did! And it was kind of funny that I was near my phone.

I was at work and I called a few places during my lunch break. The expensive place with the pool told me she was busy but would call me back within the hour so I kept my phone with me in the back room while I worked on stock (with approval from my manager). A couple hours passed with no call back. That’s the third time they told me that would call and never did so I was disappointed in them.

But then my phone rang, and it was the manager at the building that I really liked. He said he had another one bedroom open up on the top floor. I made an appointment to see it the next day and it was exactly the same as the first one, just had a deck facing a different direction. He said they just did a lot of work on the place before the current tenant moved in and she had only lived there for a couple months and now already has to move again. I reminded myself to look at a few things I forgot to check when I was there the first time (Dishwasher, check. Carpets, check. Concrete deck, check!). He asked me if I was still interested in it and I said yes and gave him a cheque for the security deposit.

I left very happy that I finally had a home to move in to. I started walking to work (15 min walk! YES!) and my phone rang. It was the manager again, he said that the apartment is actually not available until June. The whole time it sounded like it was ready for May, but I guess he was confused. Anyway, I told him June would be fine. There’s no way I was going to start looking again. I was done and this place was as close to perfect as I can probably find right now.

I still have to be out of my current place at the end of April though. So that means I will be moving twice in the next two months. For the month of May I will be living with my boyfriend. I’m not really sure how I feel about that haha. I’ve only been dating him for six months and told myself I never wanted to live with a boyfriend again unless we were engaged. But it’s only for a month so it will be fine. And it will show us if we are able to spend that much time together. I think this is a test from the universe to show me where this relationship is going. I will have to train him how to be nicer to the planet by saving power and water and maybe we will start recycling! 😛 One of the things I want to start doing again is taking my recyclables to the depot to get money back for them and this might be the perfect opportunity to show him how it’s done.


Yesterday I had an extremely frustrating day. I was really excited to go to my apartment viewings. When I got to the building that I was hoping would be my future home I was happy. I met the manager of the building and he was really nice. The inside of the building looked nice and it was well kept. The unit was on the top floor so I was really happy about that (no noisy neighbors on top of me like I have now). The rooms were big which I find difficult to find in Edmonton. I did notice that the kitchen was really small and I didn’t like the closet doors (why are all the closet doors in Edmonton apartments so weird?!) but I was willing to overlook those issues because the price was excellent and the location was as good as it gets. I filled out an application with high hopes that my search was done. While I was filling out the application he told me that the majority of the residents were seniors and that they won’t tolerate parties. That’s fine with me because I’m not really a party person, but to be honest I would like to have the option to have a party now and then. However I would comply because the place was such a good deal. He said he would give me a call at noon to let me know the decision they made between the applicants.

After viewing that one I walked across the road for my other viewing at the building I lived in before. It was the exact same as the one I lived in but with an opposite set up. I had forgotten how small the rooms were. And the price keeps going up. For the two bedroom the price is up to $1160 which I am really not comfortable spending on something that is so small.

So I walked back to the bus station telling myself that I really want the first apartment. I got home and had lunch and sat by my phone waiting to hear if I had a new home. 12 o’clock came and went. At 12:30 I was getting pretty anxious. The closer to 1pm it got the more dashed my dreams became. The manager finally called me around 1:30 to tell me that after a hard deliberation they went with someone else. I was disappointed for sure but to try and make myself feel better I kept focusing on the things I didn’t like about the place, while still hoping he would call back to say he has another unit available or that the person changed their mind about taking the place. Neither of these happened. My family on Facebook told me that it wasn’t meant to be. During this apartment search I have found myself talking to God a lot asking him to make everything work out for me. I still think he is working on something for me, but I am doing a horrible job of waiting for it.

In the meantime, I emailed the lady who showed me my old building to thank her for showing me the apartment but that I wasn’t comfortable spending that much right now. She said she will keep her eyes open for other units that might work for me and also put me on a waiting list for a 1 bedroom unit.

I spent the rest of my day looking online to see what other options I have. Everything would be so much simpler if I didn’t have to rely on the bus system. Where I work is extremely difficult to get to which makes finding my perfect home that much harder to find. I found another building that has a one bedroom available for over $1000. It’s expensive but I would have access to a pool and hot tub which would ease the pain of the price a little bit. I just hope the pool is better kept than the one I had access to in one of my old places. I have called and emailed them but am still waiting to hear back. I also left messages with a couple other buildings a few times now but they never return my calls.

At this point I’m really sick and tired of looking. I just want to throw away all my stuff and go live in a hole. I just have to remind myself that searching for an apartment always gets to this point, where I just want to give up. I really hope I find something soon because I don’t like when my stress level gets this high.