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Anatomy Scan

Week 19
Week 19

Today (September 7) we had our anatomy scan ultrasound. To prepare for the scan they ask you to drink 1 liter of water and finish drinking one hour prior to your appointment. It’s so hard to not pee your pants. I only drank three cups instead of the four based on my previous ultrasound experiences. Thankfully she said my bladder was nice and full. If I had to drink that extra cup I know I would not have made it.

I had heard that some dads are not allowed in during the ultrasound until near the end so my boyfriend and I were a little worried that he was going to miss out on some parts. But he was able to come in with us, and the technician asked us before we even began if we wanted to know the gender. Our doctor has told us that they don’t usually tell you the gender unless you ask so it was nice that she asked us up front.

The ultrasound technician was a student and she did a great job conducting the ultrasound. She explained all the body parts as she was scanning them (except for the gender). The whole procedure took about a hour, maybe a little less. The baby was not the most cooperative, keeping both hands up near their face for pretty much the whole time. The technician kept trying to get the baby to move by pushing on my belly but it didn’t help. About half way through the ultrasound she had me empty my bladder to see if that would help get the baby to move but again, it didn’t work.

She said everything was looking good. The heart rate was about 152 this time. She took some measurements of their head, heart (I think, I can’t remember), arms and leg bones. They were measuring right on with my due date (I’m currently 19 weeks and 2 days). When she was looking at the genitals I was pretty sure it was a boy. But she didn’t tell us at that point.

After she got all the pictures and measurements she needed, she went out to the hall to get her mentor. I believe she talked while out there about what she thought the gender was. She had her mentor technician come in to get a couple last pictures that she was having trouble getting since the baby wouldn’t move, and to look at the pictures she already took. The mentor also gave her student the go ahead to tell us what she thinks we’re having. She said it looks like a boy, which is what I thought I saw as well. My boyfriend is very excited because that’s what he wanted. I’m just happy that everything looks good and I’ve had an easy pregnancy so far.


Second Prenatal Appointment

Today is August 20 and I am almost 17 weeks pregnant. I had my second prenatal appointment today which was pretty similar to the first one. I had the same experience with the toilet flushing on me during my urine test. This time I made sure I had to pee, but I am so bad at aiming my stream. I don’t know how other people do it but I seriously peed all over my hand and all over the cup.

They took my weight and blood pressure again and we got to hear the heartbeat for the second time. It was 160 today which was pretty close to what it was last time so we still think it’s probably a girl. I also used the Chinese Gender Test when I first got pregnant which says I’m having a girl. Plus my boyfriend already has a daughter so I feel like the chances are high for having a girl.

The doctor found the heartbeat right away today. She moved the Doppler (or what she calls the baby telephone) around and we could hear the heartbeat in two areas, which had my boyfriend and I both wondering if there are more than one baby in there since we do have twins in both our families. But the doctor said you can hear the heart in the baby and also in the placenta. I guess we’ll have to wait for the ultrasound to know for sure.

One thing I didn’t know before getting pregnant was that you have to choose what hospital you what to give birth in. Today I told her which hospital I wanted (I guess I live in the middle of like two or three different ones) and she assigned me a doctor who will actually be delivering the baby since I didn’t have a preference. Of course there’s still a chance that another doctor will deliver the baby if he’s not available when the baby is ready to arrive.

My next appointment will be the anatomy scan ultrasound which I am and am not looking forward to. It is our first ultrasound and obviously I am excited to see what the baby actually looks like and make sure everything looks good. I’m also really hoping we can tell what the gender is, although the doctor told us today that they don’t usually tell you during the anatomy scan. She did say that if you ask the tech to give us their guess they should tell us though.

I am not looking forward to the ultrasound though because of my previous experiences with ultrasounds. I am going to try not to drink as much water as I did before my previous ones and hope they can still see everything they need to without me peeing my pants.

Week 16
Week 16