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Flying Canoe Volant

Last night I went to the Flying Canoe festival for the first time and had a magical time walking around looking at the sights and sounds. Their website says the festival is “[i]nspired by the legend of The Flying Canoe and French Canadian, First Nations and M├ętis traditions[. T]his event celebrates our beautiful Mill Creek Ravine and the newly-established French Quarter.”

We only walked through the Mill Creek Ravine portion of the festival so next time we go maybe we’ll check out the other areas that are set up. The weather was beautiful which made it an even better experience. Below are some pictures and a video of some of the things we saw.

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Santa’s Parade of Lights

I was so excited when I heard that Edmonton was having a parade of lights this year. It was one of my favorite parades every year in Halifax, and I was looking forward to seeing what Edmonton was going to do with it. While I did enjoy the floats that were entered, I found the parade was way too short. There was also not enough music. I think if they are able to get more floats entered next year and throw in a couple of instrumental bands, it would be even better!

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