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Planning a Baby Shower

At first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to have a baby shower. You can’t really throw one for yourself, because it looks like you are just asking people for gifts. I started setting up an Amazon Baby Registry pretty much as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I didn’t plan on sharing it with anyone until we made our pregnancy announcement, but a family member was told about it and wanted to see it early which caused me stress. I felt like I was being rushed and I didn’t feel my list was ready for public viewing.

During a visit with some friends, one of them offered to help me throw a shower which I was thankful for. She also recruited another friend who had helped her throw her shower a couple years ago. The only problem with having a baby shower though, is that I don’t really have any friends haha. My family all lives on the other side of Canada and my best friend is 4 hours away. I wanted to have a co-ed shower so I wouldn’t be alone, but my boyfriend refused to come. So I started planning on a small get-together with about 4-6 people.

I’m not really a social person, so sitting in a room with people I don’t really know that well was a stressful thought for me. One of the hosts suggested we go do an activity like bowling, which sounds fun since we wouldn’t be sitting around staring at each other. But at the same time, thinking about being 7 months pregnant (the shower is in November) and trying to bowl, sounded like a bad idea to me.

As we started brainstorming, I also set up a Facebook page so I could start inviting some long-distance people in case they actually could make it and needed to book some time off to come. I really didn’t expect my best friend or any of our families to come. My best friend said she is going to try and fly up for the event, and then my boyfriend’s mom and sister said they are also going to try to attend (they live about 15 hours away). But I’m honestly not sure who is going to be there. People keep saying they are coming and then saying they can’t. It does make it a bit tricky to plan.

I think at this point I’ve pretty much got it planned out in my head. We have a date picked and a few people have confirmed that they are coming. I think I know what food I’m going to have. Now I mostly have to decide which games we are going to play and hope that we don’t get bored.

4th Prenatal Appointment

Today (October 12) I am 24 weeks pregnant. I had my first appointment with my new doctor today. He was a very nice doctor. He works as part of a team with the hospital I plan to give birth in. What that means is he may or may not be the doctor that actually delivers my baby. The appointment was pretty quick and straight forward. They took my blood pressure and weight. They didn’t take a urine sample which was the first time since I started my prenatal appointments. The doctor measured my uterus, listened to the baby’s heart beat (which I believe was about 156 bpm) and gave us information about upcoming appointments.

He said my baby was very excited and was able to find the heart beat as soon as he put it on my stomach. As for upcoming appointments, I was given forms to book my gestational diabetes screening test, urine test, and an ultrasound. I will have those appointments in four weeks and then the following week I will have a follow up appointment with my doctor. Actually, it will be with another new doctor because the one I saw today is not in on the day I wanted to book my appointment.

Up to this point, my appointments have been about once every 4 weeks. After my follow up appointment in 5 weeks I should start having appointments every two weeks. I can’t believe I’m almost at that point already! Another change will be that my boyfriend will no longer be able to come to all my appointments now that he is working again and the appointments are becoming more frequent. But he’s okay with that as I feel like they aren’t as exciting as they were in the beginning.

24 Weeks
24 Weeks