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6th Prenatal Appointment

I had another quick prenatal appointment yesterday. He measured my belly which was measuring a couple weeks smaller than my actual 31 weeks. He also said that I’m hiding the baby which I thought was funny.

He felt my stomach and said that he thinks the baby is still head down. I will be having a third ultrasound in a few weeks which will tell us if he actually is still head down or not.

The doctor had a little trouble finding the heartbeat. It was on my left side today which I think means his belly has switched sides since my last ultrasound, which I actually had thought was the case. He didn’t tell me how fast the heartbeat was but he said it’s a good strong heartbeat.

Everything is still looking good. The baby is still moving around a lot. I’m starting to get a sore back and have been waking up with sore hips. My belly has also been feeling pretty heavy, especially when I try to get out of bed. I can’t believe I only have about 2 months left before I’m a mom. I hope the weeks go quick! I’m pretty much tired of being pregnant at this point.

Baby Shower

I had my baby shower on Sunday. It was just a small party with four guests, but that worked for me as I don’t like entertaining in the first place. I did a little decorating with balloons and a welcome sign on the door.

Since no one has really been to our home before we started with a house tour followed by lunch. I ordered some pizza, made cupcakes with blue frosting, and had some chips set out.

Following that we played some baby shower games. For the first game I had a baby bottle filled with soother candies and the guests had to guess how many candies they thought were in the bottle. The winner got to keep the bottle and candy.

Next we played a game called Diaper Notes. Guests take a diaper and write on the back of it with some inspiration for those late night diaper changes.

After that we had Baby Bucket List. Here guests will write down something you should try to do in babies first year. Something you wish you had done with your own children, something you would like to do with your future children, or an activity you think the new family would enjoy.

I also had a baby pool sign for guests to guess when the babies birthday is going to be. You can also list how much you think they will weigh, and how long they were going to be.

We played the yarn game where guests will take a spool of yarn and cut it off at the length they think will wrap around the mother’s belly. Whoever gets the measurement the closest wins a prize.

While opening gifts I had found a bingo game online where guests check off the items as you open them. It makes the gift portion more exciting for the guests instead of just watching someone open presents.

Following the gifts we had a quiz. I wrote down different statements, such as “Who owns more pairs of shoes” and then the guest will guess if the answer is mom or dad. It was fun to see who knew us better.

One of the hosts drew up a picture of a uterus with an egg inside and had sperm for each person to pin onto the picture. The person who got the sperm closest to the egg won the game.

The final game we played was where guests try to guess the mother’s weight. One of my guests guessed it right on at 140lbs.

All in all I believe everyone had fun. After everyone left I was pretty exhausted which I actually didn’t expect. I remember reading about other people saying they were tired after their parties but I didn’t think that would be the case with me.