Anatomy Scan

Week 19

Week 19

Today (September 7) we had our anatomy scan ultrasound. To prepare for the scan they ask you to drink 1 liter of water and finish drinking one hour prior to your appointment. It’s so hard to not pee your pants. I only drank three cups instead of the four based on my previous ultrasound experiences. Thankfully she said my bladder was nice and full. If I had to drink that extra cup I know I would not have made it.

I had heard that some dads are not allowed in during the ultrasound until near the end so my boyfriend and I were a little worried that he was going to miss out on some parts. But he was able to come in with us, and the technician asked us before we even began if we wanted to know the gender. Our doctor has told us that they don’t usually tell you the gender unless you ask so it was nice that she asked us up front.

The ultrasound technician was a student and she did a great job conducting the ultrasound. She explained all the body parts as she was scanning them (except for the gender). The whole procedure took about a hour, maybe a little less. The baby was not the most cooperative, keeping both hands up near their face for pretty much the whole time. The technician kept trying to get the baby to move by pushing on my belly but it didn’t help. About half way through the ultrasound she had me empty my bladder to see if that would help get the baby to move but again, it didn’t work.

She said everything was looking good. The heart rate was about 152 this time. She took some measurements of their head, heart (I think, I can’t remember), arms and leg bones. They were measuring right on with my due date (I’m currently 19 weeks and 2 days). When she was looking at the genitals I was pretty sure it was a boy. But she didn’t tell us at that point.

After she got all the pictures and measurements she needed, she went out to the hall to get her mentor. I believe she talked while out there about what she thought the gender was. She had her mentor technician come in to get a couple last pictures that she was having trouble getting since the baby wouldn’t move, and to look at the pictures she already took. The mentor also gave her student the go ahead to tell us what she thinks we’re having. She said it looks like a boy, which is what I thought I saw as well. My boyfriend is very excited because that’s what he wanted. I’m just happy that everything looks good and I’ve had an easy pregnancy so far.



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  1. Mariel says:

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! keep safe! ^_^

  2. Pauline says:

    AHH, it’s so wonderful watching your journey! I’m so excited to keep reading these updates.

  3. Belle says:

    Congratulations! I hope your pregnancy continues to go well <3

  4. Kirsten says:

    I never can drink the amount of water they want, just not happening! I’m glad to hear everything went well and everything seems to be on track and going well and that you got the news you were hoping for.

  5. Kim says:

    Glad to hear everything is on track and going well. 🙂

  6. Megan says:

    Glad its going well! I was curious if you were going to find out the gender before you had it. XD

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