Covergirl TruBlend

I got to try out some foundation for free thanks to Before deciding which foundation to test out, they had a link to go to which helped you find the perfect one for your skin. I always have trouble deciding which color was going to work best for me, but the Embrace Your Face tool told me to get the TruBlend foundation. I think I ended up picking the same color I’ve used in the past, but it matched perfectly with my skin.

One squirt is more than enough to cover your entire face. It covered up the red patches on my face and made them completely blend in with my natural face color. It didn’t really hide my dark circles around my eyes but I guess you could buy another product to fix that issue.

The foundation was really light. As someone who doesn’t normally wear makeup, I was aware that I had something on, but not always. I found my face broke up more often when wearing the foundation, but that could be because I found myself touching my face more often, forgetting that I was wearing it. I also applied the foundation using my fingers. I don’t know if makeup wearers usually use brushes instead…

Overall, I do enjoy this product and would buy it again in the future. It’s great when you want to make your skin look flawless.

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Canada Day Camping Trip

We went camping this weekend for the long weekend. It was the first time I used my car for a camping trip and it was packed to the brim. For the total trip we went about 800km which is the most I’ve driven at one time. I drove about 3 hours at a time each day.

We saw a lot of wildlife on our trip. There was a family of skunks walking along the road. They were so cute! It was a mom and three or four babies. I tried to get a picture and video of them but it was too difficult since I was also driving. We saw a lot of deer and even one moose! There was also a family of pelicans living on the lake we were camping at which was cool. I never even realized that pelicans live in Alberta (or Canada for that matter) so it was neat seeing them swimming and flying around.

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Other than that it was a pretty low-key weekend. We spend most of our time fishing, driving, or just relaxing in the tent. The one bad part was we couldn’t really have a campfire because all the wood was wet and we couldn’t get it to light on fire.

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