New Piercing: Day One

I got my second holes pierced in my ears today. It’s probably been 15 to 20 years since my last piercing and I was scared that it was going to hurt. I can’t really remember anything about the first time I had my ears done.

Going into it I was pretty nervous this morning. As I was filling in the waiver form, I thought about leaving multiple times. But I went through with it.

The piercing didnt hurt at all. The girl explained everything she was doing and what I should expect. Like evryone says, it just felt like a little pinch. Even hours later, I still don’t feel any pain.

That does make me nervous though. It feels like everything is going too smoothly. I did two cleanings today and they didn’t hurt at all. My ears weren’t red. Theres no blood or irritation visible. I’m just hoping that continues and that they heal fast without any problems.

I’ve been keeping my hair up and trying not to touch them unless I’m doing a cleaning. I have the next two days off so I’m hoping that will help too because I can continue to keep my hair and hands away.

Today was a Rough One

Despite this week being a four day workweek, it felt super long, with today being the worst. I was cranky most of the morning and felt like the smallest thing was going to make me start crying.

Thankfully my coworker could sense my mood and was able to make the afternoon go smoother.

The main thing that had set me off was a meeting my manager set up at the end of the day yesterday for someone to come look at our money machines today, while he had the day off. He didn’t leave me any notes about what the issues he’d been having were, so when the technician asked me what the problem was, I couldn’t tell her.

I tried to get a hold of my manager for more information but he did not answer the phone. The tech asked me whether she should replace the machine, which was just done a few days ago, or if she should go since it seemed to be working fine for me. So I sent her home, which of course my manager did not approve of.

My coworker who knew more of the situation was kind enough to call the technician back and wrote down some information about what was happening.

I do not do well in situations where I don’t know what I’m talking about and I know I would not have been able to call them without breaking down.

Hopefully I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow. But unfortunately I only have one day off before going back to work on Sunday.

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