Goodbye Christmas

I took down my tree today and put away most of decorations (left up some of the window lights). I would have done it sooner but I’ve been busy, and lazy. Undecorating is never as fun as decorating. But I’m glad it’s gone. The place looks nice and tidy again (for the most part). When did you take your tree down? Or is it still up? I had my tree up for 2 months, which is a little too long in my opinion. But my boyfriend likes to put it up early (we put it up Nov. 15th this year). I figure I will leave my lights up and turned on until the snow goes away. When do you feel is the right time to take down the lights? Or is there a right time?

In other news, we booked our trip to Cuba for February. We have less than a month to go before we leave and I cannot wait! It’s been -20C here for a week or so and I cannot wait to be sitting on the beach in 29C weather. I’ve been trying to find some new sandals because my current ones broke at the end of the summer, but none of the stores seem to have them right now. Any idea where I could get sandals in the middle of winter?

I bought myself a couple new toys this year. I finally picked a smartphone. I bought the Samsung S4 from Best Buy Mobile which was on for $0. They had a promotion on with the phone so I also got a $175 gift card for Best Buy! I used half of the gift card and bought myself an activity band that tracks your steps among other things. I thought about taking it back because the battery doesn’t last very long. It tends to turn the screen on by itself (but doesn’t turn on when I try to turn it on!) which kills the battery. But there were things I liked about it so I convinced myself to keep it. I basically got it for free anyway. I was surprised at how many steps I take in a day. To be honest, I though that I walked more than the band says I do. On a work day, I average about 6000-8000 steps a day. I have my goal set at 10,000 but haven’t made it there yet. The other thing I’ve been tracking is how long I sleep. I always thought I slept about 8 hours a night, but it is actually closer to 9 1/2.

As for work news, we’ve been hiring people to beef up our team. We haven’t really trained them much yet. I worked with one girl once so far and start with another girl tomorrow. I’m not too fond of training but always seem to get suckered into doing it. Even when I worked at the movie theatre they would throw new people at me to train. There are certain things I don’t mind training, but there are also things that I don’t like to teach because I don’t feel I’m strong in that area myself.

Anyway, I think that’s all my news for now. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are settling back into your routine nicely.

I Love the Holidays

Christmas has always been one of my favourite times of the year. I love looking at the Christmas lights, listening to the Christmas music, buying gifts for other people, etc. I’ve gone to a lot of Holiday events this year which I have written about on Drag Him Out. The most memorable were the lighting of the Christmas Tree downtown, Festival of Trees, and I got to see the CP Holiday Train for the first time. Check out the posts to see pictures from the events or follow Drag Him Out on Facebook and Google Plus.

I don’t have many other events planned for this month, besides going to Candy Cane Lane, which I mentioned last year in my blog. But there are always events popping up on my Twitter feed that I find interesting. Do you guys like going out to events in your community? I think I got my love for them from my Mom. She was always taking us out to events like these.

So this Christmas marks two years since I’ve been home to see my family. I have one nephew that I only met once who turns three this month and then another nephew that was born in August who I haven’t met at all. I really wish that money and time were non-existent so I could just pick up and go home to visit everyone. But when I went home the last time at Christmas the plane ticket was twice the normal price, and Christmas is one of the busiest times at my work. I’m planning on taking a trip home in June/July to see/meet everyone. Do any of you live away from your families? Do you go home at Christmas to see them?

I actually can’t even believe that Christmas is coming so fast this year! It’s only two weeks away. I’m almost done my Christmas shopping, just some stocking-stuffers left to buy for my boyfriend. What are your favourite stocking-stuffers? I’m not really sure what I’m going to buy. I only have Monday left where I can go shopping so I have to find everything else I need that day.

Do you send out Christmas cards? This is my fifth year sending cards to my co-workers. It began when I started working for my current company in Nova Scotia. The girls there always sent Christmas cards to everyone, and if someone sends me a card, of course I will return them. I brought the tradition with me when I moved to Alberta. This will be my third year giving cards to my co-workers and you know what? I think I have only received one back, from my previous manager the first year I moved here. It sometimes makes me not want to give them out any more, but this time of year is more about giving instead of getting, right?

I am making it my goal to regain a blog following over the next year and participating in a Christmas card exchange next Christmas. I think it has been a couple years since I’ve done that and it is something I miss. Maybe I will try to keep my eyes open for small objects throughout the year that would fit in an envelope so I can send them a little part of Edmonton as well.

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