Sucessful Morning

Today was a day off from work and I actually had a productive morning for once. I woke up at 6:30am and couldn’t (or didn’t want to) fall back to sleep. So I got up and planned on watching “The Bachelor” that was on last night but it wasn’t online yet, so instead I watched a few episodes of “About a Boy” while I ate breakfast and did some online surveys. Next I got up and put away the clean dishes and ran another load of dirty ones. I also cleaned up the upstairs bathroom and then cooked some meals for work. Those were all the chores I had planned to get done today and it was complete before noon! I was also able to finally watch “The Bachelor” before lunch as well.

After lunch it pretty much all went downhill. I think I played The Sims 3 from about 1:30pm to 6pm when it was time for supper. We ordered Chinese food and watched an episode of “The Amazing Race”.

I have another day off tomorrow and I plan on getting up, having a shower, and maybe going to the mall. I also would like to get some laundry done but it can probably want until my next day off.

I mainly want to go to the mall for exercise but I haven’t decided which mall I want to go to. There is a mall that I can walk to in about 10 minutes, or I can go to West Edmonton Mall which will take closer to 40 minutes. The problem with West Edmonton Mall is that it takes me about 5 hours before I feel like coming home and by that time my whole day is gone.

More likely though, I will decide it’s too cold out and just stay home where it’s warm. I cannot wait for the warmer weather. I will get out of the house way more often. Lately the sun has been shining into my windows and I just sit there in the sun like a cat. It actually feels like summer. It makes me believe that summer is closer than it actually is.

Morning Routine

For the last few months I’ve been working a lot of 12-8:30pm shifts because we don’t have any closing keyholders at my store. I’m generally a day person so this schedule is less than ideal for me.

It is affecting my morning routine the most and is what I blame for my lack of motivation this year. My current routine looks something like this:

Alarm goes off at 7am. I either wake up or wait for my second alarm at 8am.

I grab my phone and check Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter while still in bed.

Get either cereal or toast and go on my computer to watch youtube videos until about 10:30.

At this time I have to get some lunch which usually consists of tacos or kraft dinner.

At 11am I get dressed and cleaned up for work. At 11:30 I start walking to work and usually get there 10-15 minutes early.

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