New Website

Ah how I have missed my blog. I come to look at it now and then and it makes me so happy. I like how it looks. But my new website has been an attention hog over the last month or so.

If you want to visit, the link is It’s basically an event blog, listing events happening in Edmonton. Right now it doesn’t have much but as the year goes on I can see it growing. It was sort of my boyfriend’s idea. Apparently he had been telling his work buddies about all these adventures I take him out on and one of his friend’s was like, “Hey man, can you send me a link to the events going on?”

I personally have to scour the internet trying to find all the different activities that are happening so we thought it would be a good idea to write it down online (instead of hogging all the information for myself) so other people could go out and enjoy themselves too.

While working on the new website, I realized that my web design skills are so rusty. It took me forever to try and figure out how to get certain things to work the way that I wanted them too. There are still some pages and CSS issues that I can’t figure out but I’m just going to let it be for now.

Having multiple websites is hard though, because as you can see, certain ones get neglected at times. I am really trying to work harder at making a schedule so I can get things done on time. But it’s not really working. Right now I keep everything written down in an agenda that I keep in my bag. But most of the time, it’s out of sight, out of mind. I have to get back into the mindset of a student and give myself due dates. I’m hoping that my work schedule will be more consistent coming up next month and that will hopefully give me more of a routine to work with.

It was really hard to make a schedule that wasn’t all over the place over the last few months because we had a huge turnover with employees. But things are starting to settle down again and I’m really hoping it stays that way, for my sanity.

It’s Hot

It has been near 30 degrees this week, and I love it. I would never complain that it’s too hot. And I love humidity which I haven’t heard anyone else ever say that like. I wonder if I would be perfectly suited to live in the tropics. I wish I was rich enough to try.

The heat definitely makes you tired though. I can understand why they need to have a siesta in the hot countries. I actually didn’t even realize how hot it was outside today until I got off work because my workplace is air conditioned. Everyone would come in and say that didn’t want to leave haha.

A couple days ago was Canada Day (Canada’s Birthday) which was the beginning of this heat spell. We went out to watch a parade that I never went to before, but it was a let down for multiple reasons. The floats weren’t very good. Most of them were just politicians driving in the back of convertibles. When did that become a thing? And then this group of people decided it would a good idea to go and stand in front of us blocking our perfect view. The most annoying thing about that was that half of them weren’t even interested in watching the parade. This one guy just kept taking selfies, not even with the parade in the background!

After walking around the beautiful area near the parade that we hadn’t been before, we went home for lunch. After lunch we went to the Telus World of Science because they were celebrating their own birthday with $4 admission. There were some neat things to look at there, but it wasn’t the best science centre that I’ve ever been to. I think my favorite is still going to be the Discovery Centre in Halifax.

Finally that evening we went out to Red Robin with some friends for supper, came home to play some Monopoly, and then went down town to watch them light up the bridge and set off some fireworks. We didn’t get to watch from a very good place so there were trees blocking my view which was disappointing.

If I compare this Canada Day to all my previous ones, I would have to say this was one of the worst. But that’s okay. I will take charge next year and tell them exactly where I plan on watching the fireworks from.

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