Youtube Collision

Other the last month or so, a lot of the youtubers that I watch have been appearing in each others videos.

At first it was blowing my mind. I thought it was fascinating how they all seemed to know each other.

But now as it’s becoming more frequent, it’s actually starting to get on my nerves a little. I guess its just boring watching the same footage in multiple videos taken from different angles.

New Hobby Wanted

I need a new hobby that doesn’t involve looking at a screen. These days I don’t know what to do with myself on my days off.

I want to start going for walks outside, but when it’s cold and snowy I really don’t feel like leaving the house.

What do you do on your days off? My mom always used to read. I don’t have any books that I haven’t already read. What are some good ones?

Today I did a little cleaning and cooked supper. I have a couple other recipes in mind for the next couple of weeks but am missing some ingredients. I don’t really like cooking, mainly because it takes so long. And once you’re done your have to clean the kitchen and do the dishes which I also dislike doing.

Most of the meals I make don’t seem that healthy either which is a constant struggle in this house. That’s one thing I miss about my ex; he always made food that was good for us.

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